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Life Is the First Civil Right

On Monday, the United States of America celebrated the civil rights advances that were made by Reverend Martin Luther King.  Today, President Donald Trump took a stand for what Dr. Alveda King, the niece of the celebrated leader of non-violent opposition to racial discrimination refers to as the FIRST civil right, which is life itself.

President Trump addressed the 45th annual March for Life today.  This comes two days after Dr. Alveda King stood firmly behind President Trump amid accusations from hard core leftists that the forty-fifth American leader in the Oval Office is a racist.

Dr. King has recently had her own troubles with the liberal establishment in America, as “progressive” leaning Facebook has pulled down the advertisements for her pro-life movie, “Roe vs. Wade”.

The battle for the lives of the unborn run much deeper than politics.  It’s a spiritual battle against the culture of death that is pervasive throughout the liberal mindset.


President Donald Trump  , Mindy Robinson, and ExDemLatina via Twitter

Michael W. Chapman/ CNS News

Climate Change?……or January?

Amazingly enough, (well, not really), Al Gore has recently been using the term “climate crisis” instead of  “global warming” as he has attempted to blame winter weather in January on greenhouse gas emissions, rather than (drum roll please):   JANUARY!


Photo Credit:  Heather Roby

Today, middle Tennessee and much of the eastern United States is being pummeled by winter storm Hunter.  Global warming cult leader Gore has yet to comment on this new climate crisis to my knowledge, but my guess is he would tell you that excess methane and carbon dioxide are more responsible for this “catastrophe” than say, a yearly occurrence for about three months where the northern hemisphere of our planet is farther away from the sun than in the summer months.

Daniel 2:21 (ASV) And he changeth the times and the seasons; he removeth kings, and setteth up kings; he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that have understanding;


Ed Feulner/ Daily Signal

Daniel 2: 21/  ASV-The Holy Bible via Bible Study Tools