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Memphis Theological Seminary: False Doctrine

In response to the horrific shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand that was allegedly carried out by 28 year old Australian Brenton Harrison Tarrant, Memphis Theological Seminary, which is affiliated with the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, made an unfortunate and appalling concession that should be alarming to every Christian. They used the term “Islamophobia”, even though the use of the term implies that it’s actually acceptable to deny the Deity of Jesus Christ.

“Memphis Theological Seminary stands in solidarity with the persons, families, and larger communities devastated by the armed violence committed on March 15th, 2019 at and around the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Center in Christchurch, New Zealand. As Christians attentive to and called to love all of our neighbors, our response to this violence must be clear: supremacist ideologies and the violence they spawn are antithetical to the Gospel message in which we ground our identity. As Christians we respond in love and truth condemning Islamophobia in all forms. We extend prayers, support, and love to those affected and devastated by this horrific violence. We hold our neighbors—our Muslim brothers and sisters–in our hearts and in our prayers.”

The response mentions the “Gospel message”, “Islamophobia”, and “supremacist ideologies” in the same paragraph, even as it’s common knowledge among even the slightly intellectually curious population that the Deity of Christ is repeatedly denied within the pages of the Qu’aran.  (As if opposing the false doctrine of Islam somehow makes one a participant in supremacist ideology.  It doesn’t, and such an irresponsible implication, however subtle it may be, is downright disgusting.)

Such blatantly false doctrine being tolerated by an institution that trains ministers of Christ should be alarming to every follower of The Way.  It’s apparent that “Chrislam” is being readily endorsed by the administration of Memphis Theological Seminary.  If it fails to issue a retraction to its statement, then members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church should seriously consider finding another Christian body with which to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Statement on Christchurch, New Zealand/ Memphis Theological Seminary