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Church of England Sides with “Modern Culture”

The recent announcement by the Church of England naming Stephen Cottrell as the Archbishop of York is very troubling from the perspective of most Christians who view the Holy Bible as God’s Word.   To many Christians, the use of the authoritarianism of Catholicism to promote the subjectivism of Liberalism by Cottrell signals a willingness to bow to the power of the Zeitgeist rather than the authority of The Word of God.



As the left attempts to hang labels such as “homophobe”, “transphobe”, or “hater” on anyone who dares to cite God’s Word with regard to same gender sexual relations and/ or gender identity confusion, it’s fair to point out that in fact, the progressives are engaging in the very intolerance that they denounce by demonizing those that choose to do what is deemed righteous to our Lord and Savior.

(H/T:  WND)


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