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Obama: I Use “Calm” Rhetoric Unlike Republican “Hostage Takers”…

Weasel Zippers learned via Neil Munro at The Daily Caller reported that President Obama remarked, “ I Use “Calm” Rhetoric Unlike Republican ‘Hostage Takers’…. ” Of course, comments like Republicans “have a bomb strapped to their” chest when referring to ongoing negotiations over the continuing resolution deemed necessary to fund the government were conveniently forgotten by Our Commander??, Good Grief.


The Republicans Who Voted To Fund Obamacare On 9/27/13 – The Twenty-Five “Decepticons”

Shayn Roby’s Take: Although the editor of presently resides in California, he will certainly do his best to make sure that both Senators from his native Tennessee face opponents in Republican primaries. The Beat Lamar movement that is gathering steam at is a great place to start gathering to oust both RINO Senators representing the state of Tennessee in the United States Senate.  The REAL Conservative national committee makes it real clear what they want and what they DON’T want in the THIS not THAT You Tube video also posted at  The heroic twenty one hour speech given by Ted Cruz underscores the fact that grassroots conservatism is what America needs, NOT the lukewarm and incompetent cowardice of the RINOs.


Obama Singles Out Fox News for Obamacare Glitches

Shayn Roby’s Take: The glitches in ObamaCare have nothing to do with the reporting of Fox News. It has everything to do with the incredible inefficiency of a leftist government that spends like a drunken sailor.


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Tennessee: Obamacare will triple men’s premiums, double women’s |

If you voted for Barack Obama and live in Tennessee, Obamacare will triple men’s premiums, and double women’s premiums according to the WashingtonExaminer.

Congratulations liberals.  You got exactly what you paid for.  Wait a minute.  You got exactly what you asked for and what SOMEONE ELSE paid for.  Most of you lefties fall into that 47 percent of America that is on public assistance, so this increase probably doesn’t bother you very much.  Deja Knight at NewsChannel5 in Nashville, Tennessee reports that under the Affordable Care Act, the average healthcare insurance premium will cost $245 per month.

As Kyle Becker at the Independent Journal Review put it,


“The taxes from Obamacare will increase on many of the same people who will see their premiums skyrocket. They won’t be able to afford the plans, they won’t qualify for federal subsidies (around 48% will qualify), and their taxes will increase. A triple whammy.”

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Obamacare-related layoffs, hour cuts and private coverage dumps of the week

Shayn Roby’s Take: Indeed, Obamacare is working. It is working toward bankrupting insurance companies to the point that the United States by default, has moved into the era of completely socialized medicine.

Big Labor Communists Identify Obamacare as a Lemon

It appears that even the big labor Marxists are beginning to understand that the Affordable (not really) Care Act is legislation that its membership should opt out of.  Big Labor strongly backed the bill more commonly known as Obamacare before its passage.  Now, when it’s time for the Unions to pay their dues for assisting the election of such a poor candidate for president, the goons that provide the muscle for the criminal syndicate more commonly known as the Democratic Party are seeking a backroom deal with President Obama to avoid this horrendous healthcare plan.

You Tube Video Credit:   GOPICYMI’s Channel

Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) President Terry O’Sullivan said, “”we’ll be damned if we’re going to lose our health insurance because of unintended consequences in the law!”

(H/T:  Wynton Hall/ Breitbart)

Unions: Obama, Democrats to Blame if Jobs, Insurance Lost over Obamacare

Unions: Obama, Democrats to Blame if Jobs, Insurance Lost over Obamacare.  It’s true, union member astro-turfers have played the part of the useful idiots in furthering the agenda of the Democrat/ Communist party.  Union members will lose their health coverage and will have to accept an exchange plan that offers fewer benefits and yet requires higher premiums and co-payments.  The Obama administration knew this all along, but went on selling its snake oil to the low information voter.  The union workers bought it hook, line, and sinker.  Almost five and one-half years later, some are finally catching on to the scheme.  Obama promised that people would be able to keep their doctors and their insurance plan if they liked it if the Affordable Care Act were passed.  In many cases, neither statement is true.   The useful idiots that make up the unions got what they deserved.   Hopefully, the Communists will lose their grip on America with the 2016 elections as even the low information voters with sub-80 intelligence quotients finally refuse to vote for the clown with “D” beside their name in favor of a free society.

(H/T:  Tony Lee/ Breitbart)