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Happy Birthday Governor Palin!!

Conservative patriots all across the land want to wish Governor Sarah Palin a happy 50th birthday!!

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ShePACTV
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‘Dana Loesch is my hero’: Conservative superstar totally kills it on ‘The View’ [pics]; Update: Video added

Shayn Roby’s Take: ABC-TV’s morning show “The View” actually gave conservatives a reason to tune in as St. Louis talk show host and American patriot Dana Loesch co-hosted the show.

Allen West “Let’s be very clear: Islamic totalitarianism is our enemy”

Shayn Roby’s Take: A free society tends to exist within nations that honor the principles of living laid down by Jesus Christ our Lord. An Islamic theocracy is almost always a government that maintains power through tyrannical rule that is encouraged by radical followers of Allah/ Lucifer.

Allen West Republic


Recently, US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Secretary of State John Kerry held closed-door top-secret meetings to persuade the US Senate foreign relations and banking committees to end sanctions on Iran. The next day, Iraqi President Nouri al-Maliki visited the White House to ask for assistance against terrorist insurgents. Trying to curry favor with either Iraq or Iran is a losing proposition.

Having served in Iraq and Afghanistan, I can tell you it’s well recognized that Iranian influence is heavy in providing weapons, especially explosive force penetrators (EFPs) and training to groups fighting against our deployed men and women. We also know that Iran is led by radical theocrats with one goal in mind: destruction of the smaller Satan (Israel) and the greater Satan (America). We must understand their concept of returning the Mahdi, the hidden Imam, and what that means for the global Islamic revolution and global conquest.


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15 Year Old Temar Boggs and Chris Garcia: Save Little Jocelyn Rojas From Kidnapper

15 Year Old Temar Boggs and Chris Garcia: Save Little Jocelyn Rojas From Kidnapper.  The editor at would like to go on record as saying that he agrees with The Blaze host Dana Loesch.  He (Shayn Wallace Roby) would like to say on the record that if he had a son,  he would be proud for him to look and act like either Temar Boggs or Chris Garcia.  Yes, Mr. Roby’s race is Caucasian, and these two fine young men  are of different races.  It doesn’t matter, these young boys would make any parent proud.  The racial strife and division created by the political left the last few days, makes these two kids shine even more.  All of America need to stop, take a breath of fresh air, and thank Almighty God for our youth who do take the time to care about others and to do what is right, with no expectation of reward.

Ohio school OK’s guns for teachers

Shayn Roby’s Take: Some school districts have elected to do something about reducing violence in schools and have enabled the teachers to protect themselves and the children. Statistics bear out that tragedies associated with gun violence occur in “gun free zones”. Gun control never works in reducing crime. If it did, Juarez, Mexico and Chicago, Illinois wouldn’t have two of the highest murder rates in the world.


An Ohio school district has just voted to allow faculty and staff to carry firearms. The Newcomerstown Exempted Village School District’s Board of Education approved a plan which will permit authorized staff to carry guns on school property. This goes into effect when the new school year begins in August.

Other districts in Michigan and South Dakota have already gotten the go ahead to arm teachers. Another school in Ohio allows janitors to carry guns. The Newcomerstown school board is requiring all gun carriers to participate in training and to maintain their gun permits.

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