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Ray Lewis to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Ray Lewis is using his influence to help his fellow man. Praise Jesus.


Ray Lewis intends to climb Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro.

The former Ravens linebacker announced online: “In one month, I will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise money and awareness for clean water projects in East Africa. I am so FIRED UP for this adventure.”

The future Hall of Famer will take on the world’s tallest free-standing mountain, more than 19,000 feet high.


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North Coast Calvary Chapel Hosts Pro-Palestinian Group, Chuck Smith Rebukes Them | Balfour Post

The nation of Israel are a people with whom Jehovah established his covenant. The Palestinians are the result of man’s desire to control his own life, as the Arabs are the descendants of Ishmael, born of Hagar, Sarai’s handmaiden. For this reason, Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa disapproved of the meetings in Northern California with a Pro-Palestinian Christian group.

Waiting for an invitation

Like the song by Randy Travis says, “It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you, it’s what you leave behind you when you go.” What we did to glorify the name of Jesus while on Earth will be the only treasures that will be stored in heaven.

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Believe In God

Before we accepted Christ, us believers found multiple excuses and reasons to discount the Master, and Lucifer, the Prince of this World, was always eager to aid and abet our ignorance.


5 reasons why you don’t believe in God

1. You were taught since you were in elementary school that evolution is true. They have all been telling you about the millions of kajillions of years ago, and you’ve gotten the memo. You’ve been told that your ancesters were primates, and your ancient relatives are just various prehistoric animals. You’ve read the latest Dawkins’ masterpiece of literature, and are well aware that you are a cosmic accident, and have zero purpose. Then why do you have a deep sense that there is more to you than that?

2. You found out pretty quickly, that there were actions and behaviors that you enjoyed performing. Sin is fun. It was ok that people around you were questioning faith and hating religion because it was easier to justify your actions. Lying to your folks, or other adults…Who cares? Sleeping around…Why not? Taking something that…

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Ethiopian girl reportedly guarded by lions

“A young girl whimpering could be mistaken for the mewing sound from a lion cub, which in turn could explain why they didn’t eat her,” said Stuart Williams, trying to give a plausible reason why three lions didn’t eat a little girl who was abducted, beaten, and brutalized by men but were chased away from her by the lions. There is a more plausible explanation than that. The LORD, Jehovah, protected that little girl just like he protected Daniel in the lions’ den.