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CNN’s Van Jones Admits: Trump-Russia Collusion Allegations a “Nothing Burger”


Project Veritas has done it to CNN again.  On the heels of its taped admission by CNN’s Jon Bonifield that admitted that the Trump-Russian collusion story (fabricated initially by liberal hatchet artists at Fusion GPS) was basically “BS”, the organization known for exposing corruption and dishonesty among government officials and their media sycophants has exposed one of CNN’s left wing hacks voicing his true feelings that run contrary to what he is saying on air and via social media.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by VeritasVisuals


It’s not a stretch for one to suggest, that indeed at CNN, the desire to achieve a higher Nielsen rating supersedes the obligation to be an organization that adheres to high journalistic standards.

(H/T: Benny Johnson/ IJR via Derek Gardner/ Facebook)


Project Veritas via You Tube

Ratings Top Ethics of Journalism at CNN/ Roby’s RIght Corner

Chris Enloe/ The Blaze