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August In Mid-America…Psst, Obama, Come On Out And Bring Pelosi, Schumer And Reid With You

Shayn Roby’s Take: It’s highly unlikely that the aristocratic Democrats who the Left pretends is down for the common people would actually hang out with real live campers who know how to rough it. Would Allen West be down for it? Absolutely, he would.

OC Fair- More Fair Food

Shayn Roby’s Take: Free parking between 12 and 1. That’s a giant corn dog. I’ve got time to get there by one o’clock. I think I’ll head that way to Costa Mesa.  Time to head down the 55 South.


Allie Mac Kay was live in Costa Mesa with a preview of the opening day at the OC Fair. She shows us a variety of food and entertainment offered at the fair, including Polynesian dancers, Lucha Libre fighters, carnival games and more.

OC Fair
July 12 – August 11
Open Wednesday – Sunday

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