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Why isn’t my generation saving money?

Sean Breslin gives some good advice for saving a few dollars.


Dining out more nights than we dine in.

Jetting off for fancy vacations, even when we should be going to the local beach for a day trip instead.

New cars or homes we can barely afford because we got bored with the last one.

Millenials have grown up in the social media age, and it feels good to be noticed. Even I’m guilty of the “sunny day” complex every now and then — putting good news on social media while failing to post the negative when it occurs.

We all do it, and I’m convinced it’s why we spend more money than we should.

Today, a CNN Money study was released that said 76 percent of Americans aren’t saving money. They’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, whether it’s because they’re still climbing out of the recession, neglecting a savings account, or both.

It’s a dangerous way to fly.

Seventy-six percent means a…

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