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Only One Way to Deal with Islamic Terror – The Real Side With Joe Messina

Dr. Gina Loudon and the editor of ShaynRoby’s WordPress and Roby’s Right Corner agree, that there is only one way to deal with islamic terror: Demand an international council and require the sects of Muslims who want to live and work in the United States to declare their identity and provide satisfactory answers to the following questions:
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Even though there is sufficient evidence to infer that Islam is at the core of evil itself, as their worship of Allah/ Lucifer would dictate, Chancellor Merkel of Germany insists on appeasing Muslims. Perhaps it is because German heads of state and Muslims have something in common: an extreme hatred of the Jewish people.

Christian Bishop in Gaza Opens His Church to 2,000 Muslims: Hamas Uses Church to Fire Missiles Into Israel (Video)

Shayn Roby’s Take: Hamas is a terrorist organization……PERIOD. They can not be trusted for anything. To place any value in their ability to adhere to their word and not perpetrate violence against Jews and/ or Christians is foolish and suicidal.  Not only did they use a church for launching an attack on Israel, there is evidence that they are using schools to kill Israelis as well.

Gaza Cease-Fire Unravels; Israeli Soldier Kidnapped

Shayn Roby’s Take: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was spot on in telling Barack Obama to mind his own business. He has a disregard for American law and a disregard for the safety of NON-Muslims, PERIOD.

U.S. Backed – Obama Supported FSA Rebels Massacre an Entire Christian Village in Syria

Shayn Roby’s Take: Christians are being slaughtered throughout the Middle East. The fact that the Obama administration allows this to occur in Syria should come as no surprise. Muslim Barry strongly supported Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, whom were also guilty of throwing Christians off of rooftops. Our anti-Christian president even threatened to withhold arms from the Egyptian army if they did not stop fighting the Christian killers.  (Editor’s Note: It is apparent that this is an older story, but in the mind of the editor of, it still remains relevant, and so it was reblogged anyway.)

More than 100 Christians Slain as Herdsmen Burn Homes, Chuch Buildings in Nigeria

Shayn Roby’s Take: It is doubtful that the Obama administration will even comment on this world event. An event in which Christians are slaughtered tends to be of absolute minimal concern for our current President. However, it is abundantly clear that giving astronomical funding to the Muslim Brotherhood is a mission of highest importance.



March 16, 2014 (Morning Star News) – Muslim herdsmen armed with guns and machetes on Friday night (March 14) launched attacks on three villages in Kaduna state, killing more than 100 Christians and destroying homes, sources said.

Scores of the ethnic Fulani assailants simultaneously attacked the Christian villages of Ugwar Sankwai, Ungwar Gata and Chenshyi in the Kaura Local Government Area for about four hours, sources said. The Rev. Yakubu Gandu Nkut, chairman of the Zankan area chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), told Morning Star News that a pastor’s wife and her three children were among the dead.

“The unfortunate attack on our communities has led to killing of more than 100 Christians,” Nkut said. “The wife of one of our pastors, Mrs. Jummai Likita Riku, and her three children, from the ECWA [Evangelical Church Winning All] church, Ugwar Sankwai, were killed in the attack.”

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Texas police double as Mahmoudberg’s militia / Pam Geller/ WND

In an alarming case that involves a scenario where it appears the weasels have been appointed to be guardians of the hen house, Texas police double as Mahmoudberg’s militia.

Obama Administration Willfully Blind toward Threat of Islamic Terrorism

This article has been excerpted from Roby’s Right Corner.

The reluctance of the Obama Administration to acknowledge that the goal of many Islamic terrorists is to eradicate Israel from the map and to conquer the Western world through violent jihad is putting our counterterrorism agents at the CIA and FBI at a severe disadvantage in protecting American citizens from potential deadly attacks.

Andrew C. McCarthy, in his column at National Review Online recommended reading the book Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America, in which former FBI counterterrorism agent John Guandolo tells of the willful blindness of the Obama Administration to the clear and present danger of Islamic extremism.

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Obama’s Shout-Out To Muslim Brotherhood Entity

President Obama sent a Shout-Out To Muslim Brotherhood Entity Islamic Society of North America  according to Ryan Mauro of, even though a confidential source within the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood network informed the FBI as early as 1987 that ISNA is a front whose purpose is to advance the “Islamic Revolution” in America.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Fahad Khan

In a message from President Barack Obama for Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)’s 50th Convention 2013, the American Commander-in-Chief? said, “In the past half century you’ve upheld the proud legacy of American Muslims’ contributions to our national fabric.”

If blowing up federal buildings, hijacking passenger flights, and murdering Jews and Christians is a part of our American fabric, then Barack HUSSEIN Obama is one hundred justified  in the praise that he heaped upon the Islamic Society of North America.

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