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Evangelism at Oceanside, CA

Shayn Roby’s Take: More than ever before, intense spiritual warfare abounds toward those who follow Jesus. Those who are under the influence of demonic power are constantly thinking of ways to discredit Christians. It is for this reason that a life of intense prayer is the one that bears the most fruit. The editor of understands this, but has to admit that he stumbles frequently when trying to fight battles within the flesh against the Godless, rather than allowing the Great I Am and The Lamb of God to fight those battles.

The Domain for Truth

Russ Last Friday, I announced at the men’s study that we will take a brief break from our usual study in order to go evangelizing to the masses.  Taking a brief break from our study will give us an opportunity to apply what we learn about Jesus by sharing Him with lost sinners.  Living for Jesus is not only learning about Jesus, but serving as an ambassador of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20).  When I think about living for Jesus, I am reminded of a particular portion of prayer from the Valley of Vision, entitled, “Living for Jesus.”  This is what the prayer states:


Thy name is excellent,

thy glory high,

thy compassions unfailing,

thy condescension wonderful,

thy mercy tender.

I bless thee for the discoveries, invitations,

promises of the gospel

for in them is pardon for rebels,

liberty for captives,

health for the sick,

salvation for…

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God Is Not Dead: Jesus Lives

God Is Not Dead, is a must see film that quite frankly, will change your life if you allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you during the film.  This statement is not being put forth in a flippant manner.  This film was produced with one thing in mind, exalting our Lord, The Great I am and Jesus, The Living Word, the Original Light ,who became flesh among men.

Duck Commander at Saddleback Church/ Video: “Black & White, We all came from ONE MAN.”

Shayn Roby’s Take: Phil Robertson said that WE ALL came from ONE MAN at Saddleback Church in Mission Viejo, CA in July. Perhaps this video will be disappointing to Jesse Jackson, as the evidence of where the heart of Phil Robertson lies renders the serial race-baiter to be a habitual troublemaker.

The Great I AM: The Original Light

Recent verbal attacks on Phil Robertson have taken place from GLAAD, Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition, and other groups bent on causing civil unrest, unpalatable discourse, and general chaos.  Anyone who takes the time to listen to the Duck Commander’s message given at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church in Southern California this last July would realize that Jesse Jackson’s complaint is invalid and baseless.  Mr. Robertson is the farthest thing from a racist.  As usual, Jesse, like his counterpart Al Sharpton, is searching for something incendiary so that he can remain in the public eye.  It’s not that Phil Robertson is racially insensitive, it’s that Jesse Jackson needs turmoil so that he feels relevant in his own mind.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by DrudgeReportFanatics

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Johnathan Cahn: America Must Repent and Avoid God’s Judgement

Jonathan Cahn tells America, “We need to repent, NOW!!

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