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New Hampshire Father Arrested for Asserting First Amendment Right at School Board Meeting

New Hampshire attorney William Baer discovered that his daughter’s teacher had assigned her to read a pornographic novel. When Mr. Baer went to the Gilford, New Hampshire School Board meeting, and voiced his opinion out of turn, he was promptly escorted out of the room and arrested.  Video of the school board meeting was captured by WMUR-TV 9 in New Hampshire

in which the video shows that Mr. Baer was arrested for a minimal amount of disruption.  Given the vulgarity of the book, and the obvious breach of trust by the school officials, it would appear that the arrest of William Baer is a bit on the tyrannical side.

(H/T:  EAG-News and Jason Dewitt/Top Right News)

‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ Was this Samantha Power baffling Daniel Pearl tweet evil or stupid?

Shayn Roby’s Take: This woman, Samantha Power, along with her husband Cass Sunstein have been political advisers to President Barack HUSSEIN Obama. This hatefully twisted quote directed toward the Jewish people is indicative of her past behavior and of the way that our leader in the Oval Office treats Israel. It’s not surprising that Obama would entertain the counsel of this woman. She actually was in favor of troops occupying the JEWISH sectors of Israel. Birds of a feather, flock together.

Self Professed Left Wing Atheist Can’t Take Heat When He Receives His Own Medicine

Why is it that liberals choose to harass people, but when they are given a taste of their own medicine, they play the victim? Self-professed atheist Damien Roberts was harassing @MichelleMalkin but had resorted to logging the tweets  of @ShaynRoby1 in “Favorite” status before the conversation finally ended several hours later.  Supposedly, Mr. Roberts, a.k.a.  @Dam744 was now ready to pretend like he didn’t bring all of this on himself by tweeting that Mrs. Malkin should be muzzled. Apparently, Mr. Roberts believes in the expression of First Amendment rights, until conservatives express THEIR First Amendment rights. (He’s in the zone with typical liberal hypocritical mode of course.)

Perhaps saying all liberals lack common sense was a little harsh, but there’s no doubt that one shouldn’t always exercise their First Amendment rights just because they have the legal right to do so.

Mr. Roberts was having none of it though, as he kicked into self-righteous lib mode. He must have felt like a real man, while verbally attacking a conservative female.

Perhaps the bully felt violated, because he favorited this final tweet.

Charlie Sheen: The Human Target, Takes a Shot at Phil Robertson

Charlie Sheen just can’t help himself.  He tweeted this about Phil Robertson.

Of course the editor of knows a target when he sees one, and launched these two gems for the Priceless Sheenster to read.


(H/T:  Yahoo)

Why No Liberal Uproar When Israel Hating Farrakhan Denounces Homosexuality, Democrits?

@ExposeLiberals  on Twitter summed up the liberal disconnect between how they treat members of their preferred religion, Islam, and how they treat followers of Jehovah and His Only Son, Jesus.

(H/T: Ocean Shores Patriot/ Twitter)

A&E suspends Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson; Katie Pavlich, others rip ‘crap’ decision

Shayn Roby’s Take: A&E continues the trend of media to try to muzzle those who proclaim God’s Holy Word as Truth. A&E added itself to list of those who would endeavor to unleash the wrath and judgement of Jehovah on our nation as they insist on defending the sin of homosexuality, which the Holy Bible clearly states is an abomination in the sight of the Lord.