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Anti-Zimmerman Protests Across The Nation, Where Are the anti-Shawn Custis Protests?

Protests sprung up in major cities all across the nation over the “not guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by DemocracyNow.

What the editor at failed to notice was the extreme outrage exhibited by Democracy Now and other media outlets on the left, nor did it come from thousands of people of color across America when it became known that a black man, Shawn Custis had allegedly barged his way into a home in Millburn, New Jersey, savagely beat  a lady in front of her children, and then threw her down the stairs.  Of course, this is no surprise.  This is standard procedure for liberals, who generally live by a double standard.  They go nuts and decry racism over a black teenager being shot after he hid in the bushes and tackled George Zimmerman and beat his head on the sidewalk.  They say NOTHING about it when the brutal beating and attempted murder of a defenseless white lady in front takes place in front of her child.   Once Shawn Custis was arrested and charged for his alleged crime, the left still is silent.  There have been no statements from Barack Hussein Obama saying, “If I had a son, he would look just like Shawn Custis.”  The truth is, he shouldn’t comment on this incident.  He should keep his mouth shut.  This horrific crime  is exponentially more horrible than the George Zimmerman shooting of a thuggish Trayvon Martin.  That trumpets the fact that Barack Obama should have kept his mouth shut about Trayvon Martin as well.   Of course, for anyone paying attention, it was quite obvious that Mr. Obama’s Department of Justice was not interested in justice being served when it actually bussed a group in to protest George Zimmerman not being charged in the incident by Florida authorities at taxpayer expense; and helped organize the rally as well.  That occurrence in itself is reason enough to have Eric Holder fired and Barack Hussein Obama impeached for violating the civil rights of George Zimmerman at taxpayer expense.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by WorldHeadlines!!!

(H/T: Democracy Now,  TV 12)