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Hunter Fussell: “No Use For You”

Here’s a link to a great song called “No Use For You” that was uploaded to by Joey Brodnax from a possible rising star with roots from Erin, Tennessee, Mr. Hunter Fussell.(H/T:  Ray Fussell/Facebook)

Legacy: What Kind Will Each of Us Leave?

While cruising through the social media world of Twitter, sometimes a gem dripping with profound value is stumbled upon and is worthy of sharing just because it may have a meaning that grips the heart and soul of almost anyone that encounters it.  It is the opinion of the editor of that this song “Legacy” by Nicole Nordeman (whom the editor remembers from childhood in Colorado Springs) fits that category.

You Tube Video Uploaded by TheGospelTrain

May we all think about our legacy and strive for it to be one that rests in the hearts and souls of those that knew us, and for it to be one that benefits others for years or even centuries after we have left this earth.