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Ed Schultz: Republican policies: Reason Detroit is now filing for bankruptcy”

Some liberals just never put down their leftist rhetoric no matter what.  After years of highway robbery by the UAW, now MSNBC’s Ed Schultz has the gall to blame the current financial state of Detroit on Republican policies.  Read more details on the story at

MSNBC Leftist Ed Schultz

MSNBC Nutjob Ed Schultz blames Republican policies for the Economic Rot left in Detroit by the United Auto Workers Union.

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Obama to Interns: Why Celebrate the Fourth of July|The Liberty Paper….POLITICAL SATIRE

The Liberty Paper published a political satire in which American President Barack Obama said (not really) “Why then on the Fourth of July should you celebrate such a radical break from what is Godly and just? No doubt there are many voices warning you of the harm of big government. They are wrong. Government can provide you with what family and friends cannot. If this is gone what will you have?”

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NOTE OF RETRACTION:  The editor of does not want to be lumped in with “The Onion” or “The National Enquirer” and so must acknowledge that he didn’t do his homework and got caught believing something happened without verifying it.  The words (POLITICAL SATIRE) were in plain view to see for someone who actually took the time to  read carefully.  Although a “debunkment” by does not always mean something is not true, in this case Snopes is on the money. was not accurate in its reporting.  (H/T:  Billy Hallowell/The Blaze)

Obama the Tyrant

Great Britain may not have had it completely right, but they had many things right. Take taxes for example. Image Credit: The Liberty Paper

Coal companies hit by oversupply, Obama

Shayn Roby’s Take:  The coal miners unions supported Barack Obama in the 2012 election, now many of the workers will be out of a job very soon as the demand for coal is down as environmental regulations are making it less profitable to invest in energy from this source.

CNN Political Ticker

New York (CNNMoney) — Coal company stocks have taken a hit lately, as a global oversupply and pending climate change rules from the Obama administration weigh on the sector.

The Market Vectors Coal Index ETF is down 17% in the last 30 days. Some individual companies have fared even worse. Shares of Peabody Energy Corporation have plunged nearly 30% from a month ago, as have shares in Yanzhou Coal Mining. Shares in Westmoreland Coal Co. are down about 10%.

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Dueling Headlines, ‘pain of sequestration’ edition

Shayn Roby’s Take: Barack Obama makes sure that there is money for the Muslim Brotherhood, and  electric power in Africa. He’s not American by birth, perhaps this is the reason that the fireworks to celebrate the Independence of the United States of America is the expenditure that he thought would be the most appropriate to cut.

Peggy Joseph: A Prophet? With BHO in Office, No Longer Worried About Putting Gas in Her Car

Peggy Joseph said that she wouldn’t have to worry about putting gas in her car.  Was she a prophet or what?  At more than $4 per gallon, many

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have stopped worrying about putting gasoline in their cars and are riding bicycles to work.




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House votes to end USDA/Mexico food stamp promotion | The Daily Caller

You couldn’t even make up this el toro caca if you tried.  The United States Department of Agriculture has put fliers in the Mexican embassy, letting ineligible immigrants know that their children do qualify for food stamps.

Dueling Headlines, ‘taxpayers will recover more than they invested in GM bailout’ edition

Oh yes, I remember. The bondholders didn’t get to recover THEIR investments as Obama encouraged the breaking of federal bankruptcy law in order to schmooze up to the United Auto Workers union.