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There is No War on Religion, It’s on Christianity

Conservative Christian radio host Joe Messina writes that there is no war on religion, but just on Christianity in particular. Messina says:

The military ordered all chapels to remove all “religious symbols” or hide them so no one could see them. Huh? Isn’t that like taking down the “golden arches” at McDonalds? What sense does that make? A chapel without religious symbols? Where is the outcry on the prayer rooms and turbans? Where are the Freedom from Religion Freaks on this one? What if a Christian complained seeing the turban gave them “dyspepsia”? Hmmm, I wonder.

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Video Uploaded to You Tube by David Pakman Show

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U.S. Backed – Obama Supported FSA Rebels Massacre an Entire Christian Village in Syria

Shayn Roby’s Take: Christians are being slaughtered throughout the Middle East. The fact that the Obama administration allows this to occur in Syria should come as no surprise. Muslim Barry strongly supported Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, whom were also guilty of throwing Christians off of rooftops. Our anti-Christian president even threatened to withhold arms from the Egyptian army if they did not stop fighting the Christian killers.  (Editor’s Note: It is apparent that this is an older story, but in the mind of the editor of, it still remains relevant, and so it was reblogged anyway.)

Little Girl Denied Her Right to Pray at Lunch Before Eating

This video shows a courageous little girl, who was merely praying over her lunch telling her parents what happened when the lunch lady tried to prevent her from “saying a prayer to Jesus”. The parents do a fantastic job in reinforcing this little girl’s courageous act. It was obvious that her testimony was not prompted, as she corrected the suggestions of her parents several times in the video.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Marcos Perez

This video affirms that public schools are assaulting the rights of Christian children to exercise their faith in Jesus. It’s time that believers in Christ start defending our rights guaranteed to us in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.  It also affirms that people that love Jesus and obey His teaching still exist in America.

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Genocide: Al Qaeda-Linked Islamists Capture Syrian Christian Village



Led by Al-Nusra forces, fighters from Ahrar al Sham, the Islamic Front, and others affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria took over the 1,700 person town on Sunday, filled with many believed to be backing President Bashar al Assad in hopes that he could better ensure their safety than Islamist rebels, according to the AP

“The Turks are [working against] us again,” a Kassab resident tweeted. “This is unacceptable considering history. Genocide repeat [in] Kassab. What a bad day this has been. God bless everyone who is defending the beautiful village of Kassab.”

Armenian-Syrians are descendants of those who fled a genocide that came at the hands of the Ottoman Empire in 1915, killing 1.5 million of their people, and resettled in Syria. Triggered by the increased violence in the region, Armenian-Syrians have seemingly begun to conflate the actions of Turkey and Al-Qaeda-linked groups like al-Nusra

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In a related story previously published at , it was reported that  Syrian Armenian community activist Nerses Sarkissian during a phone interview with Armenian Weekly editor Khatchig Mouradian.  Al Nusra, the Syrian wing of Al Qaeda, is reported to be receiving training and foreign fighters from Ansar al-Shariah, believed by American officials to be involved in the September attack on the American  diplomatic compound and CIA facility in Benghazi, Libya.

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Asia Bibi-Disappointment As Courts Postpone Appeal Again

Shayn Roby’s Take: Christians around the globe are being persecuted by Muslims, even as the United States government gives military support to Al Qaeda operatives who are fighting against the Assad Regime in Syria, and killing Christians with regularity.  Meanwhile Asia Bibi, a Christian lady and mother of five, is being held in jail and charged with “blasphemy against Islam” by the Pakistani government. She was sentenced to death in 2010.   An appeal has been postponed after her accuser failed to appear in court, according to Fides News Service. As usual, the Obama Administration remains silent as Christians throughout the globe are being persecuted slaughtered at the hands of Islamic terrorists.


Asia Bibi This Wednesday, March 26, the first hearing of the case regarding the action brought by Asia Bibi, convicted on unsupported blasphemy charges and sentenced to death by a Court.

The trial already been postponed twice, but Naeem Shakir, the Christian woman’s lawyer, in statements to the Fides Agency, was hopeful that the scheduled session would take place. According to the news agency, quoting the her attorney, Asia Bibi in the women’s prison of Multan “is in good health and safe conditions”. The lawyer added that “she prays and hopes”.

The reprobation of Asia has rallied people and institutions around the world. On March 19, the European Parliament Working Group on Freedom of Religion or Belief  asked, “to all those who are involved in the case, to give a proof of courage and not give in to any pressure or external threat”. They asked the Pakistani Government to “protect the independence and proper…

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Al Nusra Front Robbing and Desecrating Christian Homes in Syria



Jihadists from the Al-Nusra Front have crossed over into Kessab from Turkey, and are desecrating churches, pillaging houses, and destroying government buildings, according to Syrian Armenian community activist Nerses Sarkissian during a phone interview with Armenian Weekly editor Khatchig Mouradian.  Al Nusra, the Syrian wing of Al Qaeda, is reported to be receiving training and foreign fighters from Ansar al-Shariah, believed by American officials to be involved in the September attack on the American  diplomatic compound and CIA facility in Benghazi, Libya.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by George Malki

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More than 100 Christians Slain as Herdsmen Burn Homes, Chuch Buildings in Nigeria

Shayn Roby’s Take: It is doubtful that the Obama administration will even comment on this world event. An event in which Christians are slaughtered tends to be of absolute minimal concern for our current President. However, it is abundantly clear that giving astronomical funding to the Muslim Brotherhood is a mission of highest importance.



March 16, 2014 (Morning Star News) – Muslim herdsmen armed with guns and machetes on Friday night (March 14) launched attacks on three villages in Kaduna state, killing more than 100 Christians and destroying homes, sources said.

Scores of the ethnic Fulani assailants simultaneously attacked the Christian villages of Ugwar Sankwai, Ungwar Gata and Chenshyi in the Kaura Local Government Area for about four hours, sources said. The Rev. Yakubu Gandu Nkut, chairman of the Zankan area chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), told Morning Star News that a pastor’s wife and her three children were among the dead.

“The unfortunate attack on our communities has led to killing of more than 100 Christians,” Nkut said. “The wife of one of our pastors, Mrs. Jummai Likita Riku, and her three children, from the ECWA [Evangelical Church Winning All] church, Ugwar Sankwai, were killed in the attack.”

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