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Tocqueville’s Warning to America: The Dangers of Despotism| joel Pollak/Breitbart

Tocqueville’s Warning to America: The Dangers of Despotism.  Joel Pollak at indeed is right when he writes, “We (in America) have much for which to be grateful–and much about to be warned.”  In Egypt, indeed the people will probably embrace tyranny because it’s all they have ever known.  Here in the United States, since the Lyndon B. Johnson was our country has steadily increased the number of people who depend on a central government for their well-being.  Under the Obama administration five decades later, America has its highest percentage of people on government assistance in its history and that percentage will increase after 2015 when the employer mandate portion of Obamacare is implemented.  Delaying its implementation until after 2015 will put off the inevitable massive layoffs that will come with enforcement of this mandate.  This foot dragging exercise is merely an attempt to get the votes of those who will still be working during the 2014 midterm elections.  Americans must resist the temptation to accept the assistance from a nanny state that has the intent of extending its tyrannical tentacles into every facet of our lives.