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The 2013 Bilderberg Meeting List: Who went and what did they talk about

This meeting definitely plays a part in setting the agenda for many of the movers and shakers across the globe. However, as hinted at in this article, their agendas never are 100 percent successfully implemented. Idolatrous human pride and vanity exists throughout the consciousness of these men. God slapped down after the Tower of Babel was being constructed due to the foolish pride of the men who built it, and he can smack these self important stuffed shirts as well when He chooses to do so.

Overmanwarrior's Wisdom

It’s that time of year again, time for the Bilderberg meeting where the self-professed movers and shakers of the entire world get together, pat each other on the back and dream they can micromanage the entire world and solve all its problems with their intelligentsia.  For some people, these names incite terror as they represent the 1% of the mythical 1% of the world population that runs the entire economic globe through bank finance, political influence, and media relations.  To me they are a mixed bag of geniuses, hardy capitalists with a long train of social moochers, looters and die-hard progressives riding their coat tails.  Regardless of what one might think about this list of names, or the power that the Bilderberg meeting has on world affairs—the hopes and dreams of these people are presumptuous.  They assume they have value which the rest of society does not.  This mistake places…

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