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Mrs. Dee Dee McCarron Screaming War Eagle?!?!?

Shayn Roby’s Take: Maybe there IS HOPE for peace in the Middle East. If even Alabama and Auburn fans can put their extreme disdain for one another aside, reconciliation is possible ANYWHERE!!! Indeed there may be hope for our planet after all.

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This year has brought a monumental change in human behavior that may sweep across our nation.  Never again will one American be able to hate another.  Well, maybe that’s stretching the Truth quite a bit.  However, something has happened that almost never happens.  An Alabama fan is rooting for Auburn during a football game.  Mrs. McCarron reportedly met Tre Mason in New York at the Heisman ceremonies and according to Graham Watson of Yahoo Sports, is rooting for the player and not necessarily the team.  The Crimson Tide mom tweeted this picture of a shirt that she ordered for the National Championship game.

(H/T: Graham Watson/Yahoo Sports and Twitter)

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Final 2013 Regular Season FBS Roby Ratings

Shayn Roby’s Take: It will be much tougher for Florida State to beat Auburn than it was to beat Duke in the ACC Championship Game. Expect the War Eagle chant after the eighth consecutive BCS Championship Crystal Bowl trophy is awarded to a team from the Southeastern Conference.

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Team                      Record             Winning Percentage          LR/ST

1.Florida St.            13-0                       1.000                                   5/1

2.Auburn                12-1                        0.923                                  1/1

3.Alabama             11-1                         0.917                                  1/3

4.Michigan St.       12-1                         0.923                                  3/1

5.Ohio St.               12-1                         0.923                                  3/2

6.Baylor                  11-1                        0.917                                   4/1

7.UCF                      11-1                        0.917                                   6/1

8.Louisville             11-1                       0.917                                   6/2

9.Missouri               11-2                      0.846                                   1/2

10.South Carolina  10-2                     0.833                                    1/4

11.Stanford            11-2                      0.846                                    2/1

12.Oklahoma         10-2                      0.833                                    4/2

13.Oklahoma St.    10/2                     0.833                                    4/3

14.Oregon              10-2                      0.833                                    2/3

15.Clemson            10-2                      0.833                                    5/3

16.Fresno State      11-1                     0.917                                    8/1

17.No. Illinois          12-1                     0.923                                   10/2

18.LSU                        9-3                     0.750                                     1/5

20.Arizona State      10-3                    0.769                                      2/2

21.Wisconsin            9-3                      0.750                                     3/3

22.Bowling Green   10-3                    0.769                                    10/1

23.Ball State             10-2                   0.833                                     10/3

24.UCLA                     9-3                    0.750                                       2/4

25.Duke                    10-3                   0.769                                       5/2

26.Rice                      10-3                   0.769                                       11/1

27.Cincinnati             9-3                    0.750                                       6/3

28.Miami                   9-3                     0.750                                       5/4

29.East Carolina       9-3                     0.750                                      11/3

30.Georgia                8-4                     0.667                                        1/5

Others to Watch In Bowl Season:    Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Texas, BYU, Nebraska

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College Football Gamecast – Missouri vs Auburn

Shayn Roby’s Take:  The Auburn Tigers are more than likely headed to the BCS title game after defeating the Tigers that hail from Columbia, Missouri in the SEC Championship game by an impressive 17 points.

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(H/T: ESPN and Twitter)

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College Football FBS Results Week 12

Shayn Roby’s Take: Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State, and Baylor were all victorious, while Stanford was upset by USC.  Auburn kept its slim national title hopes alive with a miracle 4th and 17 conversion with seconds left that turned into a tip drill touchdown for the War Eagles.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mid-American Conference

Bowling Green 49   Ohio…

Toledo 51  Buffalo 41

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Northern Illinois 48   Ball State 27

Kent 24   Miami (OH) 6

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Atlantic Coast Conference

Clemson 55   Georgia Tech 31

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ACC Digital Network

Friday November 15, 2013

Pacific Twelve Conference

UCLA 41  Washington 31

(see article from UCLABruins.com)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

American Athletic Conference

Cincinnati 52   Rutgers 17

Central Florida 39  Temple 36

SMU 38  Connecticut 21

Louisville 20  Houston 13

Memphis 23   South Florida 10

Atlantic Coast Conference

Maryland 27   Virginia Tech 24   OT

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ACC Digital Network

North Carolina 34  Pittsburgh 27

Boston College 38   NC State 21

Duke 48    Miami (Fla.) 30

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ACC Digital Network

Florida State 59    Syracuse 3

Video Uploaded to You Tube by…

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College Football Bowl Subdivision Week Eight Results

Shayn Roby’s Take: Upsets ruled the day in the SEC as Tennessee beat South Carolina, Vanderbilt beat Georgia, and Missouri proved their metal as they beat Florida to remain undefeated for the season. Meanwhile, Johnny Football may have already seen enough of teams from Alabama this season as they received the second close game loss to a team from that state. Auburn nipped them 45-41 in a shootout.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sun Belt Conference

Louisiana Lafayette 37      Western Kentucky 20

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ESPN

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Atlantic Coast Conference

Miami (Fla.)  27   North Carolina 23

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ACC Digital Network

Friday, October 18, 2013

American Athletic Conference

Central Florida 38   Louisville 35

Video Uploaded to You Tube by G4MarchMadnessHD

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cincinnati 41   Connecticut 16

SMU 34    Memphis 29

Temple 33     Army 14

BYU 47        Houston 46

Atlantic Coast Conference

Georgia Tech 56  Syracuse…

Duke 35   Virginia 22

Wake Forest 34   Maryland 10

Pittsburgh 35   Old Dominion 24

Florida St. 51  Clemson 14

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ACC Digital Network

Big Ten Conference

Minnesota 20   Northwestern 17

Michigan St. 14    Purdue…

Michigan 63   Indiana 47

Ohio State 34   Iowa 24

(See Video Highlights from Big Ten Network)

Wisconsin 56    Illinois 32

Big Twelve…

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‘New Day’ for Auburn to Arrive by Monday | Cole Muzio/ Breitbart

‘New Day’ for Auburn to Arrive by Monday.  Time will tell if that ‘New Day’ is a good day.  The Tigers face tough tests at LSU on September 21st, at Texas A&M on October 19th, versus Georgia on November 16th, and then face rival Alabama in the Iron Bowl matchup on the last day of November.

(H/T:  Ron Robinson/ @WatchCenter on Twitter)