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Turkey Likely Key Player in End Times Scenario

As Turkish influence in the Islamic world is definitely on the upswing, Middle East expert Walid Shoebat looks for American President Donald Trump to watch the moves of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan very closely.  Although Turkey is a member of NATO, it’s readily apparent its standing in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation makes the nation a potential enemy to American interests.

President Trump will no doubt keep a very close eye on Turkish activities in Syria, Iraq, and with the Kurdistan Regional Government.  The establishment of a government in the Kurdish region of Iraq is a significant event, because according to biblical prophecy, the Kurds (Medes) will not rise with the Iranians (Persians) with Russia against Israel, and according to the 13th Chapter of Isaiah will be raised up by God to bring about the destruction of Iraq (Babylon).


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It makes sense that the Kurds in Northern Iraq, who now have their own government, flag, and army would indeed relish and opportunity to lash out at Saddam Hussein’s attempted genocide against them, and the many other attempted genocides carried out against the Kurds by Sunnis and Shi’ites in centuries past.

Much speculation abounds, whether true or not, that perhaps Turkey might give rise to the anti-Christ as a leader in the revival of the Ottoman Empire.  (President Erdogan looks like a pretty good candidate.)  Even a writer at The Huffington Post is alerted to the dictatorial tendencies of Erdogan, and have made a reference to his goal of forming an Islamic Caliphate.

No man knows the day nor the hour, but world events point to a table that is set up in a manner that is consistent with the battle of all battles that is prophesied to come at Mount Megiddo in the books of Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Revelation.

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Donald Trump Calls Out Lester Holt on Left Wing Propaganda

Donald Trump gave Lester Holt a lesson that he needed and deserved on the effectiveness and legality of stop and frisk tactics used by the police.  Holt tried to say that “stop and frisk” tactics were unconstitutional, then Mr. Trump gave him the lesson and refutation of falsehood that he (Holt) deserved.

When Holt told Mr. Trump that “stop and frisk” was ruled unconstitutional in New York, the GOP nominee for President of the United States framed the reality of the situation for Mr. Holt, who had tried to put his left wing spin on the matter.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Fox News

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Lincoln Not a Christian Before Entering Office

There are writings that indicate that Abraham Lincoln was not a believer of Jesus Christ before he assumed the office of President of the United States of America, or that he ever became one.

If one were to use his second Inaugural address as evidence though, it could be assumed that Lincoln had come to the conclusion that God intervenes in human affairs in order to accomplish His objectives.

It’s no doubt that God had his hand on Abraham Lincoln as our nation was on the verge of splitting into two feuding nations, much like Israel and Judah, whom as separate factions repeatedly were vulnerable to enemy kingdoms as at one time or another, at least one of the factions pursued iniquity in lieu of the righteousness of Jehovah.

Though it could be argued that the Christian credentials of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are shaky, it is noteworthy that Michelle Bachmann noticed an air of humility surrounding Mr. Trump when he said Thursday night at the RNC in Cleveland:

“At this moment, I would like to thank the evangelical and religious community because I’ll tell you what, the support they’ve given me, and I’m not sure I totally deserve it, has been so awesome and has had such a big reason for me being here tonight.”

Whether that is an indication of how a President Trump will conduct business remains to be seen.  God always gives nations the leader that they deserve and not necessarily the one that they need.  It remains to be seen whether God’s mercy allows for America to receive the follower of Christ that she so definitely needs.  God used Abraham Lincoln, presumably a non-Christian to preserve our nation and help it break an entire race of people out of  the chains of slavery.  Perhaps a President Donald Trump will be that willing vessel to follow the guidance of The Original Light.  It’s obvious that the past eight years have not produced such fruit.  Time will tell if that trend will change.

(H/T:  Art Moore/ WND)



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Exclusive: Never-Aired ‘Apprentice’ Parody of Trump Firing Obama

Exclusive: Never-Aired ‘Apprentice’ Parody of Trump Firing Obama.  It appears that Donald Trump has the right idea. Unfortunately, it’s a parody.