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FLORIDA SENATE approves anti-sharia bill!

A small victory for America in the war against Islamic jihad took place in Florida  as their State Senate approved an anti-Sharia bill!.  Twenty four American patriots voted to pass this bill, while 14 traitors, all Democrats, voted against the bill.

Anyone who isn’t certain that Democrats are devoted to destroying America need only take a look at their despicable conduct in the Florida Senate. In a vote that never should have had to be taken, every single Democrat voted to force Sharia Law on the people of Florida. By doing so, they placed women and children in very real danger. The vote was 24 votes for America and 14 votes for al Qaeda and the Taliban cast by loathsome Democrats. They voted to deny Americans the Constitutional protections generations of American men and women fought for and died to protect. Democrats have revealed their desire to force Americans to live as slaves to a third world, foreign ‘justice system’.’ wrote Kevin Collns of Western Journalism regarding the vote tally.

(H/T: Dr. Kevin Collins/ Western Journalism and BareNakedIslam.com)

Crimson Tide and Seminoles Atop BCS Ratings (11/11)

Shayn Roby’s Take: Alabama and Florida State currently sit atop the BCS rankings, although many would argue (including Shayn Roby) that Ohio State should be in the #2 slot by virtue of not having lost a football game since January of 2012. However, there is still quite a bit of football left to play before that even becomes something to worry about.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Team            Rec         BCS Ranking          Roby Rating         Coaches Poll           AP Poll

Alabama      (9-0)                 1                            1                           1                            1

Florida St.    (9-0)                 2                            3                           2                            2

Ohio St.       (9-0)                3                             2    …

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Week 11 NCAA College Football FBS Roby Ratings

Shayn Roby’s Take: Alabama remains the king on top of the college football mountain. Ohio State, Florida State, and Baylor all remain a close second in the rankings. Oregon virtually dropped out of the race for a national title with a 26-20 loss to Stanford on Thursday night.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Team               Record              Result                                          Week 12

1.Alabama       (9-0)                  Beat LSU 38-17                           @ Mississippi St.

2.Ohio State     (9-0)                  Open Date                                  @Illinois

3.Florida State  (9-0)                  Beat Wake Forest 59-3              vs. Syracuse

4.Baylor            (8-0)                  Beat Oklahoma 41-12                vs. Texas Tech

5.Oklahoma St. (8-1)                 Beat Kansas 42-6                        @Texas

6.No. Illinois     (9-0)                 Open Date                                   Ball State (Wed)

7.Fresno State   (9-0)                 Beat Wyoming 48-10                  Open Date

8.Stanford          (8-1)                 Beat Oregon 26-20                     @USC

9.Clemson          (8-1)                 Open Date                                   vs. Georgia Tech

10.Missouri        (9-1)                 Beat Kentucky 48-17                   Open Date

11.Auburn          (9-1)                 Beat Tennessee 55-23                vs. Georgia

12.Oregon          (8-1)                 Lost to Stanford 20-26                vs. Utah

13.Louisville      (8-1)                  Beat Connecticut 31-10              vs. Houston

14.Michigan St. (8-1)                  Open Date                                   @Nebraska

15.UCF               (7-1)                  Beat Houston 19-14                    @Temple

16.Texas A&M   (8-2)                   Beat Mississippi St. 51-41          Open Date

17.So. Carolina (7-2)                   Open…

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Week 10 FBS Scores

Shayn Roby’s Take: Ohio State and Florida State both demolished their opponents. Both teams are in solid contention for the number 2 spot in this week’s BCS rankings.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

American Athletic Conference

Cincinnati 34    Memphis 21

Video Uploaded to You Tube by CincinnatiBearcats

Thursday, October 31, 2013

American Athletic Conference

Houston 35     South Florida 23

Conference USA

North Texas 28    Rice 16

Video Uploaded to YouTube by MeanGreenSports

Sun Belt Conference

Louisiana-Monroe  49    Troy 37

Pacific Twelve Conference

Arizona St. 55   Washington St. 21

Friday, November 1, 2013

Pacific Twelve Conference

USC 31   Oregon St. 14

Saturday, November 2, 2013

American Athletic Conference

Rutgers 23   Temple 20

Atlantic Coast Conference

Boston College 34   Virginia Tech 27

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ESPN

North Carolina 27    North Carolina State 19

Syracuse 13    Wake Forest…

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ACC Digital Network

Clemson 59   Virginia 10

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ACC Digital Network

Georgia Tech 21   Pittsburgh 10

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ACC Digital Network

Florida State 41    Miami 14

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College Football Bowl Subdivision Roby Ratings Week Nine

shayn Roby’s Take:  Alabama remains at the top of the college football mountain. Ohio State, Oregon, Florida St., and Baylor, all made good cases for the #2 spot.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Team              Record                      Result                                               Week 10

1.Alabama       (8-0)                        Beat Tennessee 45-10                   Open Date

2.Ohio State     (8-0)                        Beat Penn State 63-14                   @ Purdue

3.Oregon           (8-0)                        Beat UCLA  42-14                            Open Date

4.Florida State   (7-0)                        Beat NC State 49-17                       vs. Miami (FL)

5.Baylor               (7-0)                        Beat Kansas 59-14                          Open Date

6.Miami                 (7-0)                       Beat Wake Forest 24-21                 @Florida State

7.Oklahoma St.     (6-1)                       Beat Iowa St. 58-27                         @Texas Tech

8.No. Illinois          (8-0)                       Beat Eastern Michigan 59-20         @Massachusetts

9.Fresno State       (7-0)                       Beat San Diego St. 35-28 OT          vs. Nevada

10,Oklahoma         (7-1)                       Beat Texas Tech 38-30                   Open Date

11.Texas Tech         (7-1)                       Lost to Oklahoma 38-30                 vs. Oklahoma St.

12.Stanford             (7-1)                       Beat Oregon State 20-12               Open Date

13.Clemson              (7-1)                       Beat Maryland 40-27                      @Virginia

14. Missouri              (7-1)                       Lost to South Carolina 27-24        vs. Tennessee

15.Louisville               (7-1)                       Beat South Florida 34-3                 Open Date

16.Auburn                   (7-1)                        Beat Florida Atlantic 45-10           @Arkansas

17.Michigan                  (6-1)                       Open Date                                        @Michigan St.

18.Michigan State         (7-1)                        Beat Illinois…

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College Football Week Nine

Shayn Roby’s Take: Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon, and Florida State all won convincingly, while Missouri and Texas Tech fell from the ranks of the unbeaten.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

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Alan Grayson Attempts to Project Racist History of Democratic Party onto Tea Party

Representative Alan Grayson of Florida, in typical snide Democrat manner, recently attempted to make a connection between the Tea Party and the Ku Klux Klan according to Joel Pollak of Breitbart.com.  Of course, his (Grayson’s) rhetoric flies in the face of actual history.

Bull Connor was a Democrat.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Berlinott

Former Grand Kleagle of of the Ku Klux Klan, the late Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia was a Democrat. Any argument that Democratic members of the Senate try to put forth that suggests that they did not agree with the views of Senator Byrd won’t wash either.  He served on numerous positions of authority in congressional committees.  As usual, the actions of liberals fail to live up to the libelous and venomous rhetoric that is spewing from their forked tongues.

College Football Bowl Subdivision Week Eight Results

Shayn Roby’s Take: Upsets ruled the day in the SEC as Tennessee beat South Carolina, Vanderbilt beat Georgia, and Missouri proved their metal as they beat Florida to remain undefeated for the season. Meanwhile, Johnny Football may have already seen enough of teams from Alabama this season as they received the second close game loss to a team from that state. Auburn nipped them 45-41 in a shootout.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sun Belt Conference

Louisiana Lafayette 37      Western Kentucky 20

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ESPN

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Atlantic Coast Conference

Miami (Fla.)  27   North Carolina 23

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ACC Digital Network

Friday, October 18, 2013

American Athletic Conference

Central Florida 38   Louisville 35

Video Uploaded to You Tube by G4MarchMadnessHD

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cincinnati 41   Connecticut 16

SMU 34    Memphis 29

Temple 33     Army 14

BYU 47        Houston 46

Atlantic Coast Conference

Georgia Tech 56  Syracuse…

Duke 35   Virginia 22

Wake Forest 34   Maryland 10

Pittsburgh 35   Old Dominion 24

Florida St. 51  Clemson 14

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ACC Digital Network

Big Ten Conference

Minnesota 20   Northwestern 17

Michigan St. 14    Purdue…

Michigan 63   Indiana 47

Ohio State 34   Iowa 24

(See Video Highlights from Big Ten Network)

Wisconsin 56    Illinois 32

Big Twelve…

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College Football 2013: Scores for Week 2

Shayn Roby’s Take: Week 2 of the 2013 college football season had a few surprises. Miami upset Florida, while Washington State rolled into the Los Angeles Coliseum and upset USC.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

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Trayvon Revenge Counter back in action

Shayn Roby’s Take: Barack Obama commented on the George Zimmerman trial when the facts of the case actually suggest that TRAYVON MARTIN STALKED GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. Aside from this obvious fact that Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and the many other members of the left with an intelligence quotient equivalent to an eggplant have ignored, our Race-Baiter-in-Chief has yet to come forward and issue a statement such as, “If I had a son, he would look just like De’Marquise Elkins.