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Flashback: Guess what Arianna Huffington warned would happen if Romney was elected

Shayn Roby’s Take: Oftentimes liberal pundits seek to silence conservatives through attempts to limit the free enterprise known as talk radio because the appetite for ideas that favor the American political right are so dominant in that arena, as is repeatedly demonstrated by the superior ratings of shows that have conservative hosts over those of programs that have liberal hosts. This attitude generally comes from a tyrannical mindset that refuses to give in even when it is evident that this ideological box is inferior to the ideas of freedom and creativity in the marketplace. The flipside of this mindset is that conservatives encourage liberals to run their mouths as much as they like. This philosophy generally pays huge dividends mainly for one reason. Most liberals love to berate conservatives so much that they often fail to do research that is more than skin deep. Due to that tendency, it usually is only a matter of time before libs are trying to punch their way out of the tangled web of lies and half-truths that they have spun for themselves. That is exactly what has happened to liberal geniuses Arianna Huffington and President Barack Obama. They both mocked Mitt Romney for considering Russia to be a major foe and threat to liberty. Vladimir Putin asserted that the troops wearing unmarked uniforms in Crimea are local self-defense groups — not Russian forces, as observers on the scene have said. Of course, this statement by Putin is a falsehood of Clintonian or Obamian proportions. It is for this very reason that Americans should take note of the Vittorio and Miu Miu sandwiches enjoyed by Obama and Huffington respectively this week when it comes to the Red Threat from the Kremlin.