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Benghazi: 400 Surface To Air Missiles Stolen During Attack

On August 12, Joe DiGenova, attorney for one of the Benghazi whistleblowers, told Washington D.C.’s WMAL that one of the reasons people have remained tight-lipped about Benghazi is because 400 U.S. missiles were “diverted to Libya” and ended up being stolen and falling into “the hands of some very ugly people.”

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DiGenova represents Benghazi whistleblower Mark Thompson, while his wife Victoria Toensing represents deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya Gregory Hicks.  He (DiGenova) told WMAL that he “does not know whether [the missiles] were at the annex, but it is clear the annex was somehow involved in the distribution of those missiles.”

He claimed his information “comes from a former intelligence official who stayed in constant contact with people in the special ops and intelligence community.” He said the biggest concern right now is finding those missiles before they can be put to use. “They are worried, specifically according to these sources, about an attempt to shoot down an airliner,” he claimed.  Asked if the missiles are now ‘in the hands of al-Qaeda operatives,’ DiGenova replied, ‘That is what these people are telling us.’

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Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said,  “I’m concerned about surface to air missiles obviously being in the hands of Islamic radicals.   I’m also concerned was Hillary Clinton telling the truth or was she saying, “Well maybe it’s classified, maybe I won’t tell the truth.”  Paul added,

“I don’t think our public officials should come before committee and not tell the truth. The New York Times reported that she was the largest and most vocal advocate of arming the Syrian rebels. I find it hard to believe. The New York Times has also said the CIA has been involved with procuring arms to the Islamic rebels in Syria for over a year. What was the CIA annex doing there?…

I have asked specifically to have her brought back and I hope Chairman Issa will bring her back. She needs to testify under oath, did she know about this and did it have anything to do with the misdirection campaign and did she have anything to do with not allowing the Marines to go aid their wounded brothers there in Benghazi… This should preclude her from holding higher office.

(H/T:  Debra Heine and AWR Hawkins /Breitbart,  Jason Howerton/ The Blaze, The Daily Mail, and Jim Hoft/ Gateway Pundit)

The Cost of Obama Terrorism Policy: American Lives

The Cost of Obama Terrorism Policy: American Lives. Negligence, naivete’, arrogance, a love for Islam, and a belief in Soviet style politics is Barack Obama’s legacy.  The truth has no agenda, and is in plain view for everyone to see.  The Russians call Stalin out as evil, and compare Barack Obama to him.  Enough said.

The Cost of Obama Terrorism Policy: American Lives

Two major incidents of Al Qaeda related terrorism have occurred that cost Americans their lives since September 2012 when Barack Hussein Obama declared “Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive”.  The president desperately needed to maintain the narrative that Al Qaeda was severely weakened.  His administration tried to keep the myth that Al-Qaeda was no threat alive by manufacturing a cause for the Benghazi S.N.A.F.U.  The ensuing web of coverup and misinformation was orchestrated by numerous Obama minions, including Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Chief of Deception Jay Carney.  The web of lies was so eloquently debunked by Justice Jeanine Pirro on Fox News, who described her interpretation, perception of, and reaction to what she heard from the sworn testimonies on Benghazi before a Congressional hearing.

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Judge Pirro described how state department official Gregory Hicks in heroic fashion, tried to orchestrate a rescue attempt of the Americans pinned down under heavy fire at the Benghazi Consulate, but soon realized that he was now out of the loop, and that the order to stand down had been given from the chain of command above him.    For his heroic actions, honesty, and courage to tell the truth, Mr. Hicks received a demotion.  When instructed not to speak with Representative Jason Chaffetz and the investigative congressional delegation on by immediate superiors, Gregory Hicks told the truth.  What he  received was a demotion from Deputy Chief of Mission, to desk officer.

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For the record, in case any Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Kool-Aid drinkers would like to suggest that Mr. Hicks was playing politics, he has been a lifelong Democrat, according to Victoria Toensing (Mr. Hicks’ attorney).  So much for the liberal fairy tale that the Benghazi scandal is a Republican witch hunt.  At the risk of being caught quoting a moron, Al Gore would call Mr. Hicks political “an inconvenient truth” for liberals (if he could ever be honest enough to criticize the left).  The truth is that the Obama administration lied about the fact that a ‘stand down’ order was given.  If that order had not been given, Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glenn Doherty, and Sean Smith might all be alive today.

“Of all the scandals currently plaguing the Obama administration, the unprecedented and Soviet-esque politicization of the IRS has aroused the greatest popular outrage, because many people have felt the IRS arrogance on their own skin. However, far more significant is the cover-up of the barbaric assassination of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three of his subordinates inside our diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, carried out on the symbolic date of Sept. 11. Why do I say that? In my former life as a Soviet bloc spy chief, I spent years observing from a unique vantage point how one kind of evil quickly leads to another much greater evil. I believe Benghazi is the scandal of the Obama presidency.” wrote retired Romanian Lt. General Ion Mahai Pacepa, who was national security adviser to the president of communist Romania and whose chief task was preventing terrorism.
The behavior of the Obama administration during Benghazi should not come as a surprise, given the actions of the supposed Commander-In-Chief on his second day in office.  Washington Post Columnist Marc A. Thiessen wrote that , “Obama shut down the CIA’s high-value interrogation program. Furthermore, in a speech at the National Archives, Obama eviscerated the men and women of the CIA, accusing them of ‘torture’ and declaring that their work ‘did not advance our war and counterterrorism efforts – they undermined them.”  It is apparent that he had an ax to grind with the intelligence committee from the start.  As Thiessen pointed out, (Obama) ” reopened criminal investigations into the conduct of CIA interrogators — inquiries that had been closed years before by career prosecutors who concluded that there were no crimes to prosecute.”  The results of crippling the intelligence gathering capabilities of the clandestine service are apparent. On his watch, the Fort Hood incident was allowed to take place as a pervasive attitude of “Islamic tolerance” kept military personnel from guarding against the potential attack from a soldier who was a Muslim terrorist.  In the whitewashing fashion typical of his administration, the United States Department of Defense classified the Fort Hood massacre as resulting from “workplace violence”.  Another of the fruits resulting from the reduction in clandestine capabilities was the Boston Marathon bombing.  Ironically, soon after this President Obama finally admitted that the Fort Hood incident and the Boston Marathon bombing were a result of “violent jihad” and not “workplace violence”.

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It’s nice to know that maybe President Obama is starting to get it.  The problem is, hundreds of American lives have been either lost or scarred forever due to his negligent naivete’.  His naive ignorance can best be summed up by Mr. Daris Long, father of Private William Long, who was gunned down in front of a Little Rock , Arkansas United States Army recruiting station.  Mr. Long prepared a written statement aired on Fox News that said, “My faith in government is diminished.  It invents euphemisms…..Little Rock is a ‘drive-by’, and Fort Hood is just workplace violence:  The truth is denied.”  The truth has repeatedly been denied, at Fort Hood, the Fast and Furious Scandal, Benghazi, the IRS Scandal, the NSA/Verizon scandal, the Associated Press scandal, the James Rosen scandal.  Lieutenant General Pacena hit the nail on the head when he referred to Barack Obama’s Soviet-esque politicization of the IRS. Xavier Lerma at Russian publication PRAVDA (former propaganda paper for the USSR) hit on it as well when he wrote, “He (Obama) is a Communist without question promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so. How shrewd he is in America. His cult of personality mesmerizes those who cannot go beyond their ignorance. They will continue to follow him like those fools who still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia.  Obama’s fools and Stalin’s fools share the same drink of illusion.”

(H/T:  Judge Jeanine Pirro, Retired Romanian Lt. General Ion Mahai Pacepa)

Benghazi Revisited: Judge Jeanine Pirro Deals Truth and Justice: Obama and Clinton Are Liars

Sometimes people just call a spade a spade and get all of the El Toro Caca sometimes labeled as political correctness by sugarcoating liberals out of the way.  That’s exactly what Judge Jeanine Pirro has done when it comes to telling the truth about Benghazi.  She has stated the facts, which the editor at ShaynRoby.com will assume the risk of quoting the moron Al Gore, in using the term “an inconvenient truth” to describe the veracity the Kool-Aid drinkers of the abomination known as “Obama Nation” must face.

(H/T:  MonkeyDogman on Twitter)

Video: Obama/Nixon comparisons gaining speed

Democrats will defend their criminal syndicate no matter what. The Nixon administration did not use a wing of the federal government to intimidate political opponents as in the IRS scandal. Eric Holder should not only resign, but should serve prison time for his role in MULTIPLE scandals.

How Obama, Hillary wrecked Libya| Aaron Klein/ WND

How Obama, Hillary wrecked Libya. Giving the appearance of an “established democracy” led to reckless foreign policy.  A desire to push that narrative most probably led to the cowardly “Stand Down” order given by none other than Barrack Hussein Obama.

Gregory Hicks Tells Trey Gowdy No Video Or Demonstration Ever Mentioned By Libyan President Nor Ambassador Stevens

Gregory Hicks Tells Trey Gowdy No Video Or Demonstration Ever Mentioned By Libyan President Nor Ambassador Stevens.  Hicks’ testimony, coupled with statements made by multiple Obama Administration Officials make it clear that perjury and a clear intent to mislead the American public has taken place.

Gregory Hicks Tells Trey Gowdy No Video Or Demonstration Ever Mentioned By Libyan President Nor Ambassador Stevens

Gregory Hicks Tells Trey Gowdy No Video Or Demonstration Ever Mentioned By Libyan President Nor Ambassador Stevens. The STATE DEPARTMENT told Libyan President that Ansar-al Sharia, perpetrator of the attack was affiliated with terrorism, DAYS before Susan Rice’s video story on Sunday talk shows.  The Obama Administration is guilty of TREASON, leaving the crime scene unsecured for 18 days because of Mrs. Rice’s lying on five different Sunday talk shows and alienating the Libyan government.

Gregory Hicks Tells Trey Gowdy No Video Or Demonstration Ever Mentioned By Libyan President Nor Ambassador Stevens

Congressman Trey Gowdy, a Republican representing the 4th Congressional District of South Carolina and member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, questioned Gregory Hicks, top official under Ambassador Christopher Stephens in Libya about statements made by United Nations Ambassador for the United States, Susan Rice that the incident in Benghazi was fallout from the video “The Innocence of Muslims”, made in Orange County, CA by Nasoula Basseley.  Congressman Gowdy said, “So hours after our ambassador and three others were killed in Benghazi, the President of Libya says it was an attack with possible terror

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links, correct?”  Mr Hicks, “Yes sir, that’s what I recall.”

Remainder of transcript:

Gowdy:“Did the President of Libya ever mention a spontaneous protest related to a video?”

Deputy Hicks:  “No sir.”

Gowdy:  “When Ambassador Stevens talked to you, perhaps minutes before he died, as a dying declaration, what precisely did he say to you?”

Deputy Hicks:  “He said,’Greg we’re under attack,’.”

Gowdy: “Would a highly decorated career diplomat have told you or Washington had there been a demonstration outside his facility that day?”

Deputy Hicks:  “Yes Sir, he would have.”

Gowdy:  “Did he mention one word about a protest, or a demonstration?”

Deputy Hicks:  “No Sir, he did not.”

Gowdy:  “So fast forward Mr. Hicks to the Sunday talk shows and Ambassador Susan Rice.  She blamed this attack on a video.  In fact, she did it FIVE DIFFERENT TIMES.  What was your reaction to that?”

Deputy Hicks:  “I was stunned.  My jaw dropped, and I was embarrassed.”

Gowdy: “Did she (Rice) talk to you before she went on the five Sunday talk shows?”

Deputy Hicks:  “No Sir.”

Gowdy:  “You were the highest ranking official in Libya at the time. Correct?”

Deputy Hicks:  “Yes Sir.”

Gowdy:  “And she did not bother to have a conversation with you before she went on national television?”

Deputy Hicks:  “No sir.”

Gowdy:  “So Ambassador Rice directly contradicts the evidence on the ground in Libya.  She directly contradicts the President of Libya.  She directly contradicts the last statement uttered by Ambassador Stevens.  Mr. Hicks, who is Beth Jones?”

Deputy Hicks:  “Beth Jones is the acting Assistant Security for Near Eastern Affairs at the State Department.”

Gowdy:  “I want to read an excerpt from an email she sent, and you were copied on it.  And by the way Mr. Chairman, and for our colleagues who would like to trumpet bi-partisanship, this would be a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate it.  Some of these emails, even though they are not classified have not been released Mr. Chairman, including the one that I am going to read from.  So for my colleagues who trumpet bi-partisanship, this would be a wonderful time to prove it.  This is from Ms. Jones, to you, to counsel for Hillary Clinton, to Victoria Newland, to Mr. Kennedy, near as I can tell, to almost everyone in the State Department, and I’m going to read from it.  I spoke to the Libyan Ambassador and emphasized the importance of Libyan leaders continuing to make strong statements.  By the way Mr. Hicks, this email was sent on September the 12th (2012), the day AFTER Benghazi and SEVERAL DAYS before Ambassador Rice’s television appearance.  And I’ll continue…”

(Gowdy reads)  “When he said that his government suspected that former Qaddafi regime elements carried out the attacks, I TOLD HIM that the group that conducted the attacks, Ansar al-Shariah is affiliated with Islamic terrorists.”

Gowdy:  Let me say that again Mr. Hicks, SHE told HIM, the STATE DEPARTMENT on September the 12th, DAYS BEFORE our Ambassador went on national television, is telling the AMBASSADOR TO LIBYA that the group that conducted the attacks, Ansar al-Sharia is affiliated with Islamic terrorists.  Mr. Hicks, I want to know number one, why in the world would Susan Rice go on five Sunday talk shows and perpetuate a demonstrably false narrative?  And secondarily, what impact did it have, on the ground in Benghazi, the fact that she contradicted the President of Libya?”

Deputy Hicks:  “As to the first question, I can not provide an answer, but perhaps you should ask Ambassador Rice.”

Gowdy:  “I would LOVE the opportunity to do JUST THAT.”

Deputy Hicks:  “As to the second question, the…at the time we were trying to get the FBI to Benghazi to begin its investigation, and that talk show actually provided an opportunity to make that happen.  Afterwards, we encountered bureaucratic resistance for a long period from the Libyans.  The Libyan government is at this time, not very deep.  President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers, all capable people, some vice ministers as well.  And it took us an additional two…see my math’s not very fast these days, maybe eighteen days to get the FBI team to Benghazi.”

Gowdy:  “So the crime scene was unsecured for eighteen days?”

Deputy Hicks:  “Yes Sir.”

Gowdy:  “Witnesses were not interviewed…”

Mr. CHAIRMAN SPEAKS: “Would the gentleman please finish up, we are going to try to move along.”

Gowdy:  “Yes, I will move on.  We will finish this if there is a second round.  Thank you, Mr. Hicks.”

Even though acting Assistant Security for Near Eastern Affairs at the State Department, Beth Jones told the Libyan Ambassador that the group that conducted the attacks, Ansar al-Sharia is affiliated with Islamic terrorists, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shamelessly stood in front of the flag draped caskets of dead Americans and blamed a YouTube video anyway, which can be clearly seen in the video below at after the six minute mark.

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It is clear from testimony and from reviewing of statements made by Obama Administration officials, that there was indeed a concerted effort to distort the truth, and to identify the “Innocence of Muslims” video as the cause for the Benghazi attacks, rather than acknowledging that on September 11th, 2012, indeed the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks were downplayed while Al-Qaeda affiliated Ansura al-Sharia seized the opportunity to strike at the armed forces commanded by a naive and complacent Commander-in-Chief.

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(H/T: Breitbart, Mediaite, Katie Pavlich/Town Hall)

This article has been updated several times with additional information.

Margaret Brennan at CBS News has reported that Gregory Hicks, the deputy of slain U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens has told congressional investigators that a team of Special Forces prepared to fly from Tripoli to Benghazi during the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks was forbidden from doing so by U.S. Special Operations Command Africa. Hicks’s account is in stark contrast to assertions from the Obama administration, which insisted that nobody was ever told to stand down and that all available resources were utilized.  Read the entire story at CBS News.com.

Deputy to Christopher Stevens, Gregory Hicks

Hicks blames Sunday talk shows for holding up FBI investigation of Benghazi. Image by ViewpoinstofASagittarian.blogspot.com

On Sunday morning  David Martin at CBS reported that Hicks and his colleagues at the Benghazi Consulate suspected that it was a terrorist attack right away rather than just a demonstration.

View Margaret Brennan’s report here: http://landing.newsinc.com/shared/video.html?freewheel=90085&sitesection=breitbart&VID=24800749

(H/T:  Breitbart.com)