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Tim Tebow to join ‘Good Morning America’

Shayn Roby’s Take: Someone who is not afraid to take a stand for Jesus is now on a major network. God will bless ABC if they indeed allow Mr. Tebow to speak God’s truth without censor.

For The Win

(ESPN Images) (ESPN Images)

Breakfast time just became Tebow time.

Starting Monday, Tim Tebow, the former football star and current SEC Network analyst, will be on the top-rated ABC morning show Good Morning America. He’ll serve as a contributor and will help launch GMA‘s “Motivate Me Monday” series, which focuses on stories of triumph from people across the country.

Tebow will do both studio and location shots, according to an ABC press release.

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip) (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

The expanded role within the Disney/ABC family comes weeks after Tebow made his SEC Network debut on the new network’s flagship show SEC Nation. The Heisman Trophy winner and NFL playoff-winning quarterback (less than three years ago!) has slid into his new television gig with surprising ease. Tebow is insightful, warm and shows a playful side that didn’t always come across during his football days.

In one segment, he imitated Steve Spurrier’s recruiting…

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The Need for Peace on the Border

Shayn Roby’s Take: Spiritual warfare is taking place throughout the globe. There is a border crisis with regard to our nation, but it must be remembered that we have Christian brothers and sisters in almost every nation, all citizens of Israel through the Blood of Jesus.

Our Life On The Border

Continued Opposition in Lazaro Cardenas

Dave with pastor Jose Luis Rivera and Raquel Dave with pastor Jose Luis Rivera and Raquel

Yesterday I met with Pastor Jose Luis Rivera and his wife Raquel. They are facing tremendous opposition in an area of Tijuana called, Lazaro Cardenas. A witch and a mean-spirited family have set out to turn the community against them.

Jose Luis and Raquel have been doing prayer walks and sharing the love of Christ in the neighborhood. The people are receptive to the message, but they don’t end up coming to church.

Pray for a Person of Peace

We talked about various things, but one of the things that I encouraged them to pray for is a person of peace. A person in the community that is influential that can open doors for them.

When Jesus sent out the 72 in Luke 10 he encouraged them to look for a person of peace.

Whatever house…

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God Is Not Dead: Jesus Lives

God Is Not Dead, is a must see film that quite frankly, will change your life if you allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you during the film.  This statement is not being put forth in a flippant manner.  This film was produced with one thing in mind, exalting our Lord, The Great I am and Jesus, The Living Word, the Original Light ,who became flesh among men.

Libs Attack Realistic Opposition to Fast Food Living Wage With Vile Language and Anti-Christian Hatred

This post is excerpted from Roby’s Right Corner.

It is not enough that unions have turned the city of Detroit, Michigan into a wasteland.

The Service Employees International Union has been encouraging fast food workers in Detroit, New York City, and Washington, DC, to strike against their employers and demand a more palatable ‘living wage’. Of course, a demand for pay in the ballpark of $15 is highly unrealistic. Many workers with college degrees and marketable skills don’t make more than that. Rewarding fast food workers with this level of compensation would be a slap in the face to those who have fortified themselves with college degrees and marketable skills by rewarding the worker who offers less flexibility and a lower skillset in the workplace. Liberals at the far left site joemygod.blogspot.com have been bashing Tea Party members and Republicans with the vilest of comments for using common sense when it comes to compensation levels for fast food workers.

Bernie Keefe Prion

“I’ve been calling the Tea Party, The Christian Taliban since 2009. The motto I use for them is eerily similar to yours, ‘Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, everyone else can go f**k themselves.”

Joann Prinzivalli

I would hope that they continue to gorge themselves on a fast food diet, in a life-imitating “Supersize me” fashion! And then they can leave the world a better place for the rest of us when they kick off in a caloric rapture event!”

It doesn’t take long to realize that liberals will jump at every chance to wish for the death of conservatives who oppose their Marxist Utopian dream of trickle up poverty, or to proclaim blasphemous remarks at our Blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus.


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Viewers: #AMAs presenter Bill Maher rolls eyes when Rihanna’s mom thanks Jesus [photo, video]; Update: Maher tweets

Shayn Roby’s Take: Bill Maher arrogantly rolled his eyes at the mention of our Savior Jesus. Praise the Lord for Rihanna’s mom. May the peace and love of Jesus continue to bless her, and may the power of the Holy Spirit overwhelm Bill Maher!!