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South Carolina and Baylor Players Honor Jesus After March Madness Contest

For all of the controversy and scrutiny that has been directed toward Baylor’s athletic program, it would only be fair to give them credit for honoring Jesus.  After their loss to South Carolina in Friday night’s NCAA Sweet Sixteen game, the Bear and Gamecock players joined in a circle and engaged in prayer acknowledging the Majesty of Our Lord Jesus.

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This is the perfect year for a 16-seed upset

Shayn Roby’s Take: Wichita State is undefeated. They are not unbeatable, but they have that intangible something that makes the difference between winning and losing when the chips are down. Don’t look for the first sixteen seed victory over a one seed to occur to the Shockers at the hands of Cal Poly.

For The Win

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These are two facts. They are incontrovertible.

1. Someday, a No. 16 seed is going to upset a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament.

2 It probably won’t be this year.

However, and I say that in the truest and loudest Stephen A. Smith inflection, if and when the historic upset happens, it’s going to come in a year exactly like this, a year in which no one is anticipating the shoe fitting on the biggest Cinderella in the field. You can never expect the 16-over-1 upset, which makes this a perfect year to expect one.

For the past few tournaments, the buzz around the potential of a 16/1 upset has grown louder. Smart college basketball writers hoping to appear smarter by calling an upset in advance have been insisting Gonzaga was the most vulnerable No. 1 ever (2013) or that Vermont was the best…

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Can the Shockers Pull Off Another Shocker?

Although a household name on the college baseball diamond, Wichita St. is typically not particularly well known for its basketball team.  This year is a different, because they just became the first Missouri Valley Conference team since Indiana St. to make it to the Final Four.   The whole campus has March Madness fever as their website, GoShockers.com says in Twitter-ese #BEATLOUISVILLE.

Who are these guys?  First of all, Wichita State started the season at 15-1 and was ranked 15th in the nation at one point. To say that they literally came out of nowhere wouldn’t exactly be accurate. There was an impressive early-season win over VCU, a BracketBusters victory over Detroit and some other solid showings.  According to ESPN.com Malcolm Armstead, Cleanthony Early, Carl Hall, Ron Baker and Tekele Cotton  have all made big contributions to the Shockers’ tournament run.  It has not been a one man show.  Team defense has been spectacular and on offense, the Shockers seem to be playing as one.  Louisville will probably be their toughest test yet, but in March Madness as always, expect the unexpected!!


Here’s an Update on the Louisville Guard Who Snapped His Leg in Horrific Mid-Game Shocker on Sunday | Video | TheBlaze.com

On a positive note, it appears that the injury Kevin Ware suffered is very similar to the one suffered by Louisville running back Michael Bush, who went on to play in the NFL.  More information on Kevin’s injury can be found in this article written by Liz Klimas  at The Blaze.