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Obama pushes for ‘immediate’ cease-fire between Israel, Hamas

According to The Hill, even though the Jewish state is merely defending itself against repeated rocket fire launched from behind human shields, the pro-Palestinian President of the United States, Barack HUSSEIN Obama has pushed for ‘immediate’ cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, on some level condemning necessary military measures that are forcing the terrorists to move from behind their human shields as electricity, food, and drinkable water become more and more scarce in the Gaza battle zone.

The Obama stance is not surprising given whom he has surrounded himself with in advisory roles.  Secretary of State John Kerry seems to always be found on the wrong side of an international conflict, whether in Vietnam or the Middle East.  In late April, he (Kerry) was roasted by Conservative Patriot talk show host Mark Levin as being anti-Jewish over remarks to the extent of suggesting that if peace talks between Israel and Hamas subsided that Israel could become ‘an apartheid state’.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by American Patriot

Secretary of State Kerry is not the only concern.  Amid the heart of any American negotiations with the United Nations regarding Israel will be ex-Obama adviser Samantha Power, who has openly stated before that, the United States should deploy armed forces personnel to protect Palestinians from Israeli Defense Force troops.

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With such anti-Israel sentiment running inside the minds of people that Barack HUSSEIN Obama surrounds himself with, one has to wonder whether Israel can count on him to be a true ally in the face of conflict with their deadliest enemies.

(H/T:  Laura Barron-Lopez/The HIll,  Nicholas Casey & Joshua Mitnick/WSJ, and Breitbart)

Levin Calls on Tea Party to Fight Tyranny in USA

Patriot Mark Levin called on Tea Party members to continue fighting tyranny in America while keynoting the five year anniversary of the Tea Party on Thursday.  Levin, who campaigned and worked for Reagan, said that Reagan would have stood before the Tea Party and thanked them for all that they have done. He said Reagan would have been “enormously proud” of the movement and reminded those in attendance of Reagan’s words about freedom being just one generation away from extinction.

Read the entire story at Breitbart.com

View Mark Levin’s Keynote Speech to Celebrate the Tea Party’s Five Year Anniversary

Happy Birthday Governor Palin!!

Conservative patriots all across the land want to wish Governor Sarah Palin a happy 50th birthday!!

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Glenn Beck Appears on Mark Levin Show: Speak About Mount Vernon Convention

Mr. Mark Levin and Mr. Glenn Beck spoke candidly about the movement by legislators from multiple states passing resolutions at the state level to force the hand of the federal government into honoring the Constitutional rights of Americans on Mr. Levin’s nationally syndicated radio program this week.

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Mark Levin Hammers Marxist Principles of Obamunism

The Right Scoop recorded Mark Levin’s rant about Obama’s full blown Marxist speech on Wednesday.  As usual, Mr. Levin was spot on in his criticism of the tyrannical policies embraced by the regime of Barack Hussein Obama.



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Mark Levin: I’ll Moderate 2016 Debate if RNC Asks

Mark Levin: I’ll Moderate 2016 Debate if RNC Asks.  Mr. Levin is of the opinion that he probably won’t be asked by the Republican establishment to moderate the debate, because he is loathed by them even more than by the Democrats.  It is the opinion of the editor of ShaynRoby.com that Mr. Levin, Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, or Neil Cavuto would all be good candidates for moderator of the debate.

Bannon: Michelle Malkin Top Choice to Moderate 2016 GOP Debate

Bannon: Michelle Malkin Top Choice to Moderate 2016 GOP Debate.  Mrs. Malkin is always well informed and doesn’t let people get away with lying.  She would be perfect for making sure that the pertinent issues are covered rather than sidestepped.  A true debate, rather than a prepackaged talking points speech would be a welcoming breath of fresh air for conservatives to hear.  Patriot Mark Levin would be an equally excellent choice.  He could be relied upon to keep the candidates on point as well.

(Tony Lee/Breitbart)

LISTEN – Mark Levin Slams Eric Holder: ‘We Have A Lawless, Rogue AG Of The US’

Shayn Roby’s Take: Mark Levin is telling it like it is. The Obama administration and Eric Holder are guilty of tyrannical manipulation of the American public, using the Department of Justice as a thuggish arm to incite riot and revolution. Both Obama and Holder should be impeached/fired and arrested. It’s time for the American people to get a clue from the Egyptian people, who kicked Obama’s puppet , Mohammed Morsi out on his tail.

Mark Levin Blasts Judge Nelson for Badgering George Zimmerman

In a bizarre courtroom stunt, Judge Deborah Nelson questioned George Zimmerman, rather than speaking with his attorney, as previously reported at shaynroby.com.

(H/T:  Fox Nation, CBS, National Review Online)