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Help Support Gosnell Movie and Help Eradicate American Infanticide

Glenn Beck interviewed  Phelim McAleer about his plan to make a documentary about serial baby butcher/ abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.  He is trying to raise the money to produce the film at Indiegogo.com after Kickstarter basically unfairly threatened to pull his campaign and attempted to censor his efforts to  promote the film (apparently they are offended that someone might get in the way of butchering babies).   McAleer was wise enough to see that Kickstarter was just making excuses to cover up their pro-abortion stance.  Contributions to help start the film can also be given at GosnellMovie.com.


Interview by Glenn Beck at The Blaze TV

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Phelm McAleer

(H/T:  Movie to Movement/ Facebook and The Blaze)

“Doonby”: Portrayed by “Bo Duke” Actor John Schneider To Be In Theaters This Fall

Movie to Movement is making an impact on American culture in a positive way.  With so much violence and immorality spewing from Satan’s haven known as Hollywood, companies such as Movie to Movement and Echolight are providing a righteous counterattack to Lucifer’s entertainment legion.

Bob Higley, president of the Trinity Broadcast Network said “Doonby” is this generation’s, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ but with a much more important message that could give life to millions. Everyone should see this thought provoking film.”

“Doonby is engrossing and a really good film. It’s technically well done and up to the highest standards of Hollywood. Anybody who’s looking to be entertained will come away thinking they got their money’s worth. You will leave the theater and think about it numerous times after you’ve seen it,” said Richard Land, President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of The Southern Baptist Convention.

(H/T:  Jason Jones/ Movie to Movement)

Rick Santorum Named CEO of EchoLight Studios

Former United States Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum announced on the June 22nd edition of “The Huckabee Show” that he has accepted the post of CEO at Echolight Studios.

According to ChristianNewsWire.com, Santorum said,”I often say that culture is upstream from politics, and I know entertainment also can be strength and light for people who want to be uplifted and reinforced in their values.

Presently, Echolight is slated to release its first two theatrical productions:  “The Redemption of Henry Myers” (Fall 2013) and a film based on the inspiring story of Illinois basketball player Eric “Hoovey” Elliott, starring Patrick Warburton and Lauren Holly (yet to be titled, in 2014).

Another Echolight film slated to be in theaters soon is “Seasons of Gray”,  which is a modern day retelling of the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors.

It is common knowledge among conservatives that Hollywood helps shape the political and spiritual conversation in America.  The editor at ShaynRoby.com salutes the production of Christian films from companies such as EchoLight and Movie to Movement

with movies like Crescendo, that can counteract the sinful images and twisted depictions of morality that many Southern California production companies are exporting to the big screen, to cable television, and to other electronic media outlets.

(H/T:  ChristianNewsWire, EchoLight.com, MovietoMovement.com)

Crescendo The Film

Movie to Movement needs your help to promote saving the unborn. Anyone who might be interested in hosting a screening of the movie “Crescendo”, or in donating to Movie to Movement, so that Jason Jones (friend of the late Andrew Breitbart) can continue his noble work can do so by clicking on http://www.cpcmovie.com/ ©Copyright 2013 by Shayn Roby