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South Carolina and Baylor Players Honor Jesus After March Madness Contest

For all of the controversy and scrutiny that has been directed toward Baylor’s athletic program, it would only be fair to give them credit for honoring Jesus.  After their loss to South Carolina in Friday night’s NCAA Sweet Sixteen game, the Bear and Gamecock players joined in a circle and engaged in prayer acknowledging the Majesty of Our Lord Jesus.

(H/T: Ed Uszinsky/ Athletes In Action)


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Zags Advance to WCC Final, Still #1 at 30-2, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Cinderella

Team                         W            L            Best Win(s)

1. Gonzaga                30           2             @Oklahoma St., @St. Mary’s

2. Duke                      26          4            @VCU, @Davidson, Miami

3. Memphis               28          4             @Tenn, @So. Miss, Ohio

4. S.F. Austin            26          3              @Oklahoma, Northwestern St.

5. Louisville               27         5               @Syracuse, @UConn, Marquette

6. Georgetown          24         5               @Notre Dame, @Syracuse, Louisville

7. Indiana                  26         5                @Michigan, @Michigan St., @Georgetown

8. New Mexico          26         5                @UConn, @Cincinnati, @CO St.

9.Kansas                    26         5                 @Ohio St., @KS St, @OK St.

10.Saint Mary’s         27         5                  @Utah St., @BYU, Creighton

11.Middle Tenn        28         5                   Ohio, @Vandy
12.Bucknell                27         5                  @Lehigh, LaSalle

13.Weber St.                24        5                @Oral Roberts, Montana

14.Michigan                 25        6                Ohio St., Michigan St., Pittsburgh

15.Miami                       24       6                @NC St., Duke, Michigan St.

16.Arizona                     24       6                @Miami, Florida, San Diego St.

17.Kansas St.                26       6                 @Baylor, Florida, Oklahoma

18.Florida                      24       6                  Marquette, Missouri, Middle TN

19.Saint Louis              24       6                 @Butler, VCU, New Mexico

20. La. Tech                   26       6                  @Utah St., Denver, New Mexico St.

21.Akron                        24        6                @Ohio, Ohio, Middle Tenn

22.Belmont*                  25       6                 Middle TN, @ORU, Ohio

23.Montana                  23       6                  Weber St.

24.Marquette               23       7                   @Pitt, Notre Dame, Syracuse

25.Pittsburgh                24      7                   @Georgetown,@’Nova, Syracuse
26.Michigan St.            24       7                   @Kansas, Ohio St., Michigan

26.Ohio St.                    23       7                    @Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin

28.Colorado St.            25        7                   @Wyoming, Montana, UNLV

29.Oklahoma St.          23       7                    @Kansas, @Tennessee, @NC St.

30.VCU                          24       7                     Memphis, Belmont, Butler

30.Butler                       24       7                     @Indiana,@Marquette,@UNC

Liberty: Cinderella 2013

The Liberty Flames have accepted the role as this year’s March Madness Cinderella team as they captured the Big South Tournament Championship and have a (15-20) overall record.

Image by MidMajorMadness.com

Teams to Watch:  Creighton*(27-7), Valparaiso (25-7), Stony Brook (24-7), Western Illinois (22-7), Davidson (25-7), Notre Dame (23-8), Syracuse (23-8), UNLV (24-8), UCLA (23-8), Oregon (23-8), Mississippi (23-8), LaSalle (21-8), Temple (22-8), Wichita St. (26-8), Southern Mississippi (23-8), Denver (21-8), Ohio (23-8), Northwestern St. (21-8), NC Central (22-8),  San Diego St. (22-9), North Carolina (22-9), North Carolina St. (22-9), Missouri (22-9), Utah St. (21-9), Eastern Kentucky (24-9), Lehigh (21-9), South Dakota St.* (25-9), North Dakota St. (24-9), Harvard* (19-9), Charleston (24-9), Southern (21-9), Cincinnati (21-10), Wisconsin (21-10), Boise St. (21-10), Virginia (21-10), California (20-10), Colorado (20-10), Iowa St. (21-10), Oklahoma (20-10), Kentucky (21-10), Massachusetts (20-10), Charlotte (20-10), New Mexico St. (21-10), Murray St. (21-10), Albany (23-10), Vermont (21-10), Robert Morris (23-10), Florida Gulf Coast*(24-10), Norfolk St. (21-10), Iowa (21-11), Illinois (21-11), Minnesota (20-11), Maryland (21-11), Arizona St. (20-11), Alabama (20-11), Tennessee (20-11), BYU (21-11), Santa Clara (21-11), UCF (20-11), East Carolina (18-11), Wright St. (21-11), Jacksonville St. (17-11), Western Michigan (20-11), Loyola (MD) (21-11), Bryant (19-11), Elon (21-11), Northeastern (20-11), Mercer (23-11), Wyoming (18-12), St. Joseph’s (18-12), Houston (19-12), Kent St. (20-12), Villanova (19-13), Air Force (17-13)  Liberty*(15-20)

*=Received automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament

Are Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks For Real At 17-1?

Peering through the standings of Division I college basketball reveals just four teams with only one loss during the season:  Syracuse, Michigan, Kansas……..and Stephen F. Austin.  Who???  The Lumberjacks of Stephen F. Austin hail from the Southland Conference, where they currently sport a 7-0 record.  Their overall record is 17-1.  The early eye test might be dismissive of the Lumberjacks.  Three of their victories have come over NAIA schools Jarvis Christian, LSU-Shreveport, and Lubbock Christian.  Another victory came over Howard Payne, an NCAA Division III school.  The collective out of conference winning percentage of the Southland Conference is 0.444, not exactly impressive.  Despite all of these indications that the record of the Lumberjacks might seem a bit cupcakish, it is worth noting that they defeated the Oklahoma Sooners on the road 56-55.  That Oklahoma team is currently tied for second in the Big-12 Conference with Kansas St. and Baylor.  That victory might be just enough to earn a number 15 or 14 seed for them come selection time, if indeed they do win the Southland Conference Tournament and advance to the Big Dance.

Lumberjack Desmond Haymon

Desmond Haymon of the Stephen F. Austin University Lumberjacks

Image by dailysentinel.com

If indeed the Lumberjacks do manage to capture a #15 or #14 seed, history has shown that at least one of the teams seeded in those slots usually pulls off an upset.  Perhaps the Cinderella slipper fits Stephen F. Austin this year.

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