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Crimson Tide and Seminoles Atop BCS Ratings (11/11)

Shayn Roby’s Take: Alabama and Florida State currently sit atop the BCS rankings, although many would argue (including Shayn Roby) that Ohio State should be in the #2 slot by virtue of not having lost a football game since January of 2012. However, there is still quite a bit of football left to play before that even becomes something to worry about.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Team            Rec         BCS Ranking          Roby Rating         Coaches Poll           AP Poll

Alabama      (9-0)                 1                            1                           1                            1

Florida St.    (9-0)                 2                            3                           2                            2

Ohio St.       (9-0)                3                             2    …

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Interconference Winning Percentages (11/10)

Shayn Roby’s Take: The Southeastern Conference leads all FBS leagues with a winning percentage of 83.3%. It should not be surprising, as the SEC has amassed seven consecutive BCS National Championships. There is no reason to believe that an eighth may be added to that total this year. Fans from Ohio State and Florida State probably would disagree, but the Alabama Crimson Tide are certainly not overly impressed by either squad, one can be assured.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Conference            Record          Winning Percentage

1.Southeastern       (41-7)                     0.854

2.Pacific Twelve      (30-6)                     0.833

3.Big Ten                 (37-11)                   0.771

4.Atlantic Coast       (36-11)                   0.766

5.Big Twelve             (22-8)                    0.733

6.American Athletic  (20-20)                  0.500

6.Sun Belt                  (19-19)                  0.500

8.Mountain West      (19-26)                  0.422

9. Independents       (23-35)                  0.397

10.Mid-American        (20-32)                 0.385

11.Conference USA   (18-36)                  0.333

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Idle Ohio State moves up to No. 3 in Coaches Poll

Shayn Roby’s Take on Shayn Roby’s Take: Alabama is the two-time prevailing champion for the Football Bowl Subdivision. Ohio State hasn’t lost a game in a year and eleven months. Just like winner-stay up-rules on the city park basketball court, these two teams should occupy the top two spots until they lose a game. It’s common sense.

Week 10 FBS Scores

Shayn Roby’s Take: Ohio State and Florida State both demolished their opponents. Both teams are in solid contention for the number 2 spot in this week’s BCS rankings.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

American Athletic Conference

Cincinnati 34    Memphis 21

Video Uploaded to You Tube by CincinnatiBearcats

Thursday, October 31, 2013

American Athletic Conference

Houston 35     South Florida 23

Conference USA

North Texas 28    Rice 16

Video Uploaded to YouTube by MeanGreenSports

Sun Belt Conference

Louisiana-Monroe  49    Troy 37

Pacific Twelve Conference

Arizona St. 55   Washington St. 21

Friday, November 1, 2013

Pacific Twelve Conference

USC 31   Oregon St. 14

Saturday, November 2, 2013

American Athletic Conference

Rutgers 23   Temple 20

Atlantic Coast Conference

Boston College 34   Virginia Tech 27

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ESPN

North Carolina 27    North Carolina State 19

Syracuse 13    Wake Forest…

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ACC Digital Network

Clemson 59   Virginia 10

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ACC Digital Network

Georgia Tech 21   Pittsburgh 10

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ACC Digital Network

Florida State 41    Miami 14

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FBS Victories Vs. Teams With Two or Less Losses (10/30)

Shayn Roby’s Take: Alabama and Ohio State sit atop this list, as well as in the Roby Ratings Top 25. However, a few undefeated teams have yet to play and beat a team with two losses or less, which means they have done very little to prove their metal so far. Miami (Fl), No. Illinois, and Fresno State all fall into this category.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Team               Record           2 or Less Losses List

*-Note:  In order to qualify for this particular list, teams had to have two losses or less.

This list differs in order from the current Roby Ratings, but reflects what SUPERIOR teams a particular team have BEATEN.  Rationale for changing rankings in the Roby Ratings might indeed come from this list.

1. Alabama       (2-0)                Va. Tech 35-10, Tx. A&M 49-42

2.Ohio St.         (2-0)                  Buffalo 40-20, Wisconsin 31-24

3.Oregon          (1-0)                 UCLA 42-14

4.Baylor             (1-0)                Buffalo 70-13

5.Florida St.       (1-0)               Clemson 51-14

6.Oklahoma     (2-1)              Notre Dame 35-21, Tx Tech 38-30,

(Texas 20-36)

7.Notre Dame  (2-2)            Michigan St. 17-13

Arizona State 37-34

(Michigan 30-41)

(Oklahoma 21-35)

8. Auburn        (1-1)              Texas A&M 45-41

(LSU 21-35)

9.Stanford        (3-0)*           AZ St. 42-28, UCLA 24-10, Oregon St. 20-12


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College Football Bowl Subdivision Roby Ratings Week Nine

shayn Roby’s Take:  Alabama remains at the top of the college football mountain. Ohio State, Oregon, Florida St., and Baylor, all made good cases for the #2 spot.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Team              Record                      Result                                               Week 10

1.Alabama       (8-0)                        Beat Tennessee 45-10                   Open Date

2.Ohio State     (8-0)                        Beat Penn State 63-14                   @ Purdue

3.Oregon           (8-0)                        Beat UCLA  42-14                            Open Date

4.Florida State   (7-0)                        Beat NC State 49-17                       vs. Miami (FL)

5.Baylor               (7-0)                        Beat Kansas 59-14                          Open Date

6.Miami                 (7-0)                       Beat Wake Forest 24-21                 @Florida State

7.Oklahoma St.     (6-1)                       Beat Iowa St. 58-27                         @Texas Tech

8.No. Illinois          (8-0)                       Beat Eastern Michigan 59-20         @Massachusetts

9.Fresno State       (7-0)                       Beat San Diego St. 35-28 OT          vs. Nevada

10,Oklahoma         (7-1)                       Beat Texas Tech 38-30                   Open Date

11.Texas Tech         (7-1)                       Lost to Oklahoma 38-30                 vs. Oklahoma St.

12.Stanford             (7-1)                       Beat Oregon State 20-12               Open Date

13.Clemson              (7-1)                       Beat Maryland 40-27                      @Virginia

14. Missouri              (7-1)                       Lost to South Carolina 27-24        vs. Tennessee

15.Louisville               (7-1)                       Beat South Florida 34-3                 Open Date

16.Auburn                   (7-1)                        Beat Florida Atlantic 45-10           @Arkansas

17.Michigan                  (6-1)                       Open Date                                        @Michigan St.

18.Michigan State         (7-1)                        Beat Illinois…

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College Football Week Nine

Shayn Roby’s Take: Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon, and Florida State all won convincingly, while Missouri and Texas Tech fell from the ranks of the unbeaten.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

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Roby Ratings for Week Eight of College Football Bowl Subdivision

Shayn Roby’s Take: Alabama still is the team to beat. Ohio State, Oregon, Florida State and Baylor all are strong challengers.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Team                      Record                    Result                          Week Nine

1. Alabama            (7-0)                        Beat Arkansas 52-0      vs. Tennessee

2. Ohio State         (7-0)                        Beat Iowa 34-24            vs. Penn State

3. Oregon               (7-0)                        Beat Wash. St. 62-38    vs. UCLA

4. Florida St.           (6-0)                        Beat Clemson 51-14     vs. NC State

5. Baylor                 (6-0)                         Beat Iowa St. 71-7         @Kansas

6. Miami                  (6-0)                        Beat UNC 27-23              vs. Wake Forest

7. Texas Tech          (7-0)                        Beat W. Va. 37-27            @Oklahoma

8. Oklahoma St.     (5-1)                        Beat TCU 24-10                @Iowa State

9. Missouri              (7-0)                        Beat Florida 36-17           vs. South Carolina

10.Stanford             (6-1)                        Beat UCLA 24-10              @Oregon St.

11.Oklahoma          (6-1)                         Beat Kansas 34-19           vs. Texas Tech

12.Fresno State      (6-0)                         Beat UNLV 38-14              @San Diego State

13.No. Illinois          (7-0)                         Beat Cent. Mich. 38-17     vs. Eastern Michigan

14.Clemson          …

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2013 Interconference FBS Winning Percentages (10/13)

Shayn Roby’s Take: Conference winning percentages suggest that if the participants for the BCS National Championship Game were selected today, that the Pac-12 and SEC Champions would square off to determine the king of the mountain. However, it should be noted that Ohio State has not lost a game since 2011, and is probably deserving of a shot to prove their metal against the SEC champion.  (Even though the Pac-12 has a higher winning percentage in games, the SEC has yet to have a participant lose in a Championship game since the advent of the BCS in 1998, with the exception of LSU, who was playing against another SEC foe, Alabama).

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Conference         Record         Pct.

Pacific Twelve          28-5             .848

Southeastern           35-7             .833

Atlantic Coast          33-10           .767

Big Ten                      36-11           .766

Big Twelve                22-8             .733

American Athletic   18-19           .486

Sun Belt                     15-19          .441

Mountain West         18-23          .439

Independents            15-22          .405

Mid-American            19-31          .380

Conference USA        17-34           .333

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