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Barracuda Brigade: Syrian Rebel Father Allows Al-Qaeda Rebels To Repeatedly Rape His Teenage Daughter

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The Barracuda Brigade has reported that a Syrian Rebel father has allowed Al-Qaeda Rebels to repeatedly rape his teenage daughter.  Perhaps Barack Obama doesn’t want America and the world to know what his “rebel” buddies in Syria he’s arming are doing.  A video clip of an interview with the teenage girl is posted at  LiveLeak.com.

(H/T:  Barracuda Brigade)

Rape, Abortion, and the Moral High Ground | RedState

Rape, Abortion, and the Moral High Ground | RedState.  No, matter how a human life is conceived it is still life and deserves the same protections due those of other unborn infants.  How liberals fail to identify with this argument is astounding, considering that when it comes to economics, the insist on equality of outcome, yet when it comes to murder, they are mentally out to lunch.  And hence, exhibit A for what it means to be a liberal.  Take logic, invert it, turn it inside out and pretend that it is intellectually superior to much higher forms of cognition.

Read the entire article by Aaron Gardner at RedState.com

I am not Trayvon. But I AM the woman in the elevator.

Shayn Roby’s Take: Sarah makes the point that neither she as a rape victim, nor a black male in America feel safe. The point is well taken in her case, and perhaps black males feel alienated from society. As a white male, the editor of ShaynRoby.com is not going to pretend to know how a black male feels, nor how it feels to be a woman who has been brutalized by a subhuman coward. However, it is apparent from the facts of the Trayvon Martin shooting that the incident had nothing to do with how a safe a black male is.   It has more to do with the safety of someone under the influence of illicit substances being stupid enough to stalk and tackle someone who they perceive to be a ‘gay rapist’. This was revealed by Rachel Jeantel on the Piers Morgan show a couple of days after the trial. She unwittingly made it crystal clear that not only did the jury get it right about self defense, but that Trayvon should have been charged with stalking, assault and battery, and more than likely, impairment in public from marijuana use. Robitussin would have been mentioned, but it’s apparent that Trayvon hadn’t made it home yet, so that he could mix his watermelon Arizona and his Skittles with Robitussin to make a concoction of ‘Lean’. The autopsy report revealed that Martin had significant liver damage that is consistent with someone who has been abusing Robitussin. Generally, someone under the influence of this concoction tends to be violent and incoherent. The editor of ShaynRoby.com will not specualte as to whether Martin was under the influence of ‘Lean’ the night he was killed, but can reasonably assume that he used marijuana regularly. Ms. Jeantel said he smoke a ‘couple of times a week’, Trayvon was found with a baggie with residue in it by Miami Dade Public School Police, and the autopsy revealed the presence of THC in his system. Trayvon was unsafe because he participated in activities and behaviors that put him at risk, NOT because he was black.


Most victimized in Syria? Young Christian women

Most victimized in Syria? Young Christian women.  The brutal savagery committed against Christians by Muslims in Syria and Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood/ Al Qaeda Islamists, whom are considered allies by American President Barack Obama is virtually ignored by the mainstream media in the United States. International Christian Concern’s Middle East area specialist Todd Daniels says that non-Muslim Christian women are the target of a fatwa, a religious instruction under Islam.

(H/T: Michael Carl/WND and Theodore Shoebat/Vine of Life News)

Battle Over Abortion

Battle over abortion.  Some prominent Georgia conservatives are blasting Georgia Right to Life.  The Georgia group has campaigned against a new far-reaching House anti-abortion bill because it says that the bill doesn’t save enough lives.  Georgia Right to Life says it’s all or nothing.

(H/T:  Red State)

Woman Conceived in Incest: Please Don’t Kill Children Like Me in Abortion | LifeNews.com

Woman Conceived in Incest: Please Don’t Kill Children Like Me in Abortion.  Why should the child be punished because of the crime of the father?

(H/T:  Kathryn McEwen at TCUNation.com)

Seattle: Muslim charged with kidnapping, pimping teen girls | Creeping Sharia

Yusuffe Abdulle: A fine example of the “peaceful religion” of Islam. http://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/seattle-muslim-charged-with-kidnapping-pimping-teen-girls/

Liberal Representative Moran Refuses to Explain Why He Won’t Let Women Defend Themselves Against Rape

Liberal Representative Moran Refuses to Explain Why He Won’t Let Women Defend Themselves Against Rape.  If you can’t give a good answer, just avoid the truth and move on.  Libs and truth, almost never are they found in the same place.