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‘Benghazi lies matter’: Glenn Beck’s making a list of falsehoods about Libya

‘Benghazi lies matter’: Glenn Beck’s making a list of falsehoods about Libya.  Apologies should come to Mr. Beck as well as a few patriots at World Net Daily and Fox News:  Aaron Klein, Reza Khalili, and Brett Baier to name a few.

Blood on Obama's Hands

These patriots gave their lives in Benghazi while Barack Obama failed to send in a rescue party before they were killed.

Image Credit:  Conservative Talker (@CubanFanBeerGuy)/ Twitter

(H/T:  Twitchy , Conservative Talker and Glenn Beck/ Twitter)

US WAS WARNED OF TERROR ATTACKS « David Hocking’s Hope For Today Blog

Update: The Tsarnaev brothers were connected with the attacks and hail from Chechnya originally.There are known connections between Islamic Chechnyan terrorists and Osama Bin Laden.Just as Bin Laden turned on the United States after fighting against the Russians in Afghanistan, it appears that some Sunni”anti-Syrian forces” are switching sides again (September 11, 2001 in America, September 11, 2013 in Benghazi, and now the Boston Marathon attack) and cooperating with the Iranian Shiites, who are allied with the Assad regime in Syria. (BTW, Russia is at least loosely allied with the Hezbollah twins, Syria and Iran.) Whether Saudi national al-Harbi played a role in the plot remains to be seen. Glenn Beck gave the powers that be a deadline to come clean before Monday. Perhaps Mr. Beck’s information will connect some of the dots with the intelligence provided by Reza Khalili and Aaron Klein. http://www.davidhocking.org/blog/?p=3859