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Wendy Davis: Baby Butcher and Hypocrite

Wendy Davis accused Governor Rick Perry of exploiting the abortion issue to gain political stardom.  The truth is that almost everyone in the United States knew who Rick Perry was before the beginning of this last week.  Almost no one knew who Wendy Davis was.  It’s not surprising that someone who would be in favor of chopping up infants would also be a peddler of falsehood.  Although clearly, Wendy Davis is not a GOOD deception artist, just a creative one.

(H/T:  Kathryn McEwen at The Conservative Underground)

Texas voter ID law “will take effect immediately,” says Attorney General Greg Abbott

Texas voter ID law “will take effect immediately,” says Attorney General Greg Abbott.  The SCOTUS strikes down part of the Voting Rights Act in Shelby, Alabama vs. Eric Holder.

Texas voter ID law “will take effect immediately,” says Attorney General Greg Abbott

The US Supreme Court has struck down a central provision of the Voting Rights Act that has long put Texas and most of the South under federal scrutiny.

The historic 5-4 ruling, by Chief Justice John Roberts in the Shelby, Alabama vs. Eric Holder voting rights case, finds that the current formula for picking which states face such hurdles is outdated and unconstitutional. Until Congress devises a new formula that passes muster, these states no longer need to seek Justice Department approval ahead of time for new voter ID rules, congressional maps and other changes.

The Supreme Court Building

People wait in line outside the Supreme Court in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 27,2013, to listen to oral arguments in the Shelby County, Ala., v. Holder voting rights case. The justices are hearing arguments in a challenge to the part of the Voting Rights Act that forces places with a history of discrimination, mainly in the Deep South, to get approval before they make any change in the way elections are held. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

According to Breitbart.com , the court did not strike down the advance approval requirement of the law that has been used, mainly in the South, to open up polling places to minority voters in the nearly half century since it was first enacted in 1965.  Here’s how the New York Times puts it: “The Supreme Court struck down a central portion of the Voting Rights Act on Tuesday, effectively ending the practice in which some states with a history of racial discrimination must receive clearance from the federal government before changing voting laws.”

Todd J. Gillman at DallasNews.com reported that in Austin, Texas Attorney Greg Abbott announced that the state’s controversial Voter ID law — challenged by the Justice Department under Section 5 — “will take effect immediately.” And “redistricting maps passed by the Legislature may also take effect without approval from the federal government.”  Gilman also quoted Texas Governor Rick Perry as saying, it (the ruling) was ” a clear victory for federalism and the states. Texas may now implement the will of the people without being subject to outdated and unnecessary oversight and the overreach of federal power.”

(Mark Sherman/Breitbart, Todd J. Gillman /DallasNews.com, Jonathon Seidl/The Blaze)

Why Texas wants its gold back from the feds | WND

Garth Kant at WND says that the situation in Cyprus has prompted leaders such as Governor Rick Perry to contemplate moving the state’s gold out of the Federal Reserve to a place within its own borders that is deemed safer. http://mobile.wnd.com/2013/03/why-texas-wants-its-gold-back-from-the-feds/