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Who Deserves to Play in BCS Title Game?….By the Numbers.

Before these numbers are released, first a disclaimer must be given.  Notre Dame is undefeated and therefore, by moral sports reasoning and ethical consideration, DOES deserve to play for the BCS National Championship in football.  They defeated Pac-12 leader Stanford and beat Oklahoma:  the 2nd place team in the Big 12, which at least statistically is the top league in the country.

Running back Theo Riddick helped Notre Dame beat USC 22-13 to claim a spot in the BCS National Championship game.

Running back Theo Riddick helped Notre Dame beat USC 22-13 to claim a spot in the BCS National Championship game.

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Yesterday, Notre Dame claimed one of the two spots in the BCS title game by beating USC 22-13 and finishing its season with a perfect 12-0 mark.  Both Alabama and Georgia also moved  one step closer to claiming the other remaining slot in the National Championship game.  The Crimson Tide spanked Iron Bowl rival Auburn 49-0, while Georgia beat up on weak ACC stepbrother Georgia Tech 42-10.  Notre Dame’s victory over Southern Cal made Florida’s victory over ACC (Almost Competitive Conference) co-leader Florida State irrelevant with respect to the BCS National Championship game.

When one loss teams play for national title games that are void of a playoff system of qualification for said game, there is often controversy about which one loss team is worthy to face the undefeated team.  The reality of the situation is that the winner of the Alabama/ Georgia game to determine the SEC Champion will also be the game that determines who claims the remaining spot in the BCS National Championship game.  Below is a composite score for each team that might have a legitimate argument for appearing in the big game that uses a formula that is composed of a hiearchy that uses point differentials, results of non-conference games, and conference standings as a point of reference.

1. Alabama:  Composite Score of 31.73

2. Oregon:  Composite Score of 30.39

3. Georgia:  Compostie Score of 23.92

4. Kansas St.: Composite Score of 21.82

5. Notre Dame: Composite Score of 16.2

6. Florida:  Composite Score of 15.64

7. Ohio St.: Composite Score of 15.12 (On probation and not eligible for post-season)

8. Stanford: Composite Score of 13.13 (Two losses, but playing for Pac-12 Title)

These composite scores were arrived at by using winning percentages of conferences during the season.

1. Big 12:  0.867                      7. WAC:  0.537

2. SEC: 0.857                          8. MAC: 0.500

3. Big 10: 0.708                      9. Sun Belt: 0.425

4. Pac 12: 0.686                     10. MWC: 0.414

5. Big East: 0.641                   11. CUSA: 0.250

6.  ACC: 0.571

For those that crow about the SEC being in another BCS title game, the conference has yet to lose one since the current BCS format was adopted in 1998.  Just as Notre Dame is in the big game because they are unbeaten, when there is a doubt the SEC champion should get the nod. In championship games under the current format the SEC is UNBEATEN.  Just like on the basketball court in the neighborhood, WINNER STAYS UP.