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Vanderbilt Out Duels Houston In BBVA Compass Bowl

Shayn Roby’s Take: The Vanderbilt Commodores became the SEVENTH SEC team to post a bowl victory this year, with the BCS National Championship Game yet to be played. The Auburn Tigers will represent the SEC in its quest for an eighth straight National Title in Division I College Football on Monday, January 6, 2014.

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Perhaps somewhere today in heaven, Irby “Rabbit” Curry is smiling, as Vanderbilt out dueled Houston 41-24 in the BBVA Compass Bowl in Birmingham to cap off a season with a bowl victory for the second year in a row.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ESPN

Prior to the Commodore victory, they were shown this inspirational video:

Video Uploaded to You Tube by VUCommodores

This video perhaps was inspirational to this year’s edition of the Commodores and helped create the right mindset and mental toughness to achieve another bowl victory.  Perhaps the spirit of “Rabbit” Curry is smiling, as some believe his spirit urged Vandy on to victory against Texas after Vanderbilt coach Dan McGugin told them about Curry prior to the game on October 22, 1921. …

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Final 2013 Regular Season FBS Roby Ratings

Shayn Roby’s Take: It will be much tougher for Florida State to beat Auburn than it was to beat Duke in the ACC Championship Game. Expect the War Eagle chant after the eighth consecutive BCS Championship Crystal Bowl trophy is awarded to a team from the Southeastern Conference.

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Team                      Record             Winning Percentage          LR/ST

1.Florida St.            13-0                       1.000                                   5/1

2.Auburn                12-1                        0.923                                  1/1

3.Alabama             11-1                         0.917                                  1/3

4.Michigan St.       12-1                         0.923                                  3/1

5.Ohio St.               12-1                         0.923                                  3/2

6.Baylor                  11-1                        0.917                                   4/1

7.UCF                      11-1                        0.917                                   6/1

8.Louisville             11-1                       0.917                                   6/2

9.Missouri               11-2                      0.846                                   1/2

10.South Carolina  10-2                     0.833                                    1/4

11.Stanford            11-2                      0.846                                    2/1

12.Oklahoma         10-2                      0.833                                    4/2

13.Oklahoma St.    10/2                     0.833                                    4/3

14.Oregon              10-2                      0.833                                    2/3

15.Clemson            10-2                      0.833                                    5/3

16.Fresno State      11-1                     0.917                                    8/1

17.No. Illinois          12-1                     0.923                                   10/2

18.LSU                        9-3                     0.750                                     1/5

20.Arizona State      10-3                    0.769                                      2/2

21.Wisconsin            9-3                      0.750                                     3/3

22.Bowling Green   10-3                    0.769                                    10/1

23.Ball State             10-2                   0.833                                     10/3

24.UCLA                     9-3                    0.750                                       2/4

25.Duke                    10-3                   0.769                                       5/2

26.Rice                      10-3                   0.769                                       11/1

27.Cincinnati             9-3                    0.750                                       6/3

28.Miami                   9-3                     0.750                                       5/4

29.East Carolina       9-3                     0.750                                      11/3

30.Georgia                8-4                     0.667                                        1/5

Others to Watch In Bowl Season:    Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Texas, BYU, Nebraska

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College Football Gamecast – Missouri vs Auburn

Shayn Roby’s Take:  The Auburn Tigers are more than likely headed to the BCS title game after defeating the Tigers that hail from Columbia, Missouri in the SEC Championship game by an impressive 17 points.

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Johnny Manziel suspended for 30 minutes |Pro Football Talk

It appears the Johnny Manziel saga may be over. He will sit out the first half of Texas A&M’s season opener. Perhaps the silver lining will be that the Aggies’ backup quarterbacks will have some playing time under their belt in case they are needed later in the season when it really matters. Rice figures to not be a very stiff test for A & M.

Coaches Preseason All-SEC Football Team Announced > SEC > NEWS

Coaches Preseason All-SEC Football Team Announced > SEC > NEWS.

The defending national and Southeastern Conference Champions Alabama Crimson Tide led the league with 16 student-athletes named to the Coaches’ 2013 Preseason All-SEC squad, the SEC announced Thursday.

‘New Day’ for Auburn to Arrive by Monday | Cole Muzio/ Breitbart

‘New Day’ for Auburn to Arrive by Monday.  Time will tell if that ‘New Day’ is a good day.  The Tigers face tough tests at LSU on September 21st, at Texas A&M on October 19th, versus Georgia on November 16th, and then face rival Alabama in the Iron Bowl matchup on the last day of November.

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Six SEC Teams In Preseason Coaches Poll > SEC > NEWS….Sets Stage For Eighth BCS Champion in a Row

Six SEC Teams In Preseason Coaches Poll > SEC > NEWS.  Six SEC teams (Five in the top 10) are included in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision Pre-Season Coaches poll preceding the approaching college football season.  The two-time defending champions, the Alabama Crimson Tide sit atop the poll, followed by the Georgia Bulldogs at #5, the Texas A&M Aggies at #6, the South Carolina Gamecocks at #7,  the Florida Gators at #10, and the LSU Tigers at #13.   The BCS National Champion has hailed from the Southeastern Conference for the past seven seasons.

The SEC has won seven BCS title games in a row and holds a (9-0) record in the title game.  has won SEVEN BCS title games in a row.

The Alabama Crimson Tide have won the national title for two straight seasons and for three out of the last four. (Auburn is not ranked, but won the title in 2010).  In the past seven seasons, the Tide has three titles, Florida has 2, Auburn has one and LSU has one.   The SEC has two other titles since the inception of the BCS Championship Game in 1998.  The Tennessee Volunteers won that very first title game in the Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, Arizona with a 23-16 victory over the Florida State Seminoles.  In 2003, the LSU Tigers took the big game with a 21-14 victory over Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl in Miami.  There was controversy over who the champion was that year.  The Associated Press voted undefeated USC as their National Champion.  Perhaps it is poetic justice that the Southern California BCS title was vacated in the Reggie Bush scandal, because in the 2004 season, Auburn went undefeated yet never got a shot at the title game.  USC was crowned national champion with their 55-14 victory over Oklahoma in the BCS Title game.  That title was later vacated by the BCS on June 6, 2011 in response to NCAA sanctions against USC for the use of an ineligible player (Reggie Bush).  Even with Auburn not getting a shot at the title in 2004, (History bears out that indeed they should have.) the SEC has captured the national championship in nine out of fifteen seasons and is an incredible (9-0) in BCS Championship games. (Technically 9-1, because when Alabama defeated LSU, one SEC team won and one SEC team lost.) Indeed it makes sense to just go ahead and pencil in the best projected SEC team in at #1 at the beginning of the season.  Of course, after this season a playoff format will be used.  In 2014, four teams will be selected to compete for the national title.  The new postseason format will create two national semifinals to be played New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, with the winners advancing. The six bowls in the playoff rotation will host marquee, BCS-type games on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day during the seasons they do not host a semifinal.  It is the opinion of the editor of ShaynRoby.com that the College Football playoff will have the same result in 2014 as it will in 2013:  with an SEC team claiming the bragging rights to number one again.

1998 National Champions

Tennessee 23  Florida State 16


2003 National Champions

LSU 21 Oklahoma 14


2006 National Champions

Florida 41 Ohio State 14


2007 National Champions

LSU 38 Ohio State 24


2008 National Champions

Florida 24 Oklahoma 14


2009 National Champions

Alabama 37 Texas 21


2010 National Champions

Auburn 22 Oregon 19


2011 National Champions

Alabama 21 LSU 0


2012 National Champions

Alabama 42 Notre Dame 14


(H/T: SECdigitalNetwork.com, CollegeFootballPoll.com, and NCAA.com)