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‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ Was this Samantha Power baffling Daniel Pearl tweet evil or stupid?

Shayn Roby’s Take: This woman, Samantha Power, along with her husband Cass Sunstein have been political advisers to President Barack HUSSEIN Obama. This hatefully twisted quote directed toward the Jewish people is indicative of her past behavior and of the way that our leader in the Oval Office treats Israel. It’s not surprising that Obama would entertain the counsel of this woman. She actually was in favor of troops occupying the JEWISH sectors of Israel. Birds of a feather, flock together.

Tennessee: Five Pillars of Islam in public school |Creeping Shariah

Shayn Roby’s Take:  The parents of Springfield High School should not tolerate such blatant indoctrination of Islamic principles. Anything that excludes Jesus is of Satan. If the principles of Islam are permitted to be displayed upon the wall, then Christian children should be permitted to post John 3:16, and the Ten Commandments up on the wall. If the argument for not allowing posting of Christian principles becomes, “Christianity is not in the curriculum,”, then that issue should be addressed as well.

The Jews’ Valid Claim

Shayn Roby’s Take:  Sharia Creep is a very real fear as students in Williamson County, Tennessee are subjected to Islamic propaganda in their textbooks.  Liberals only become upset when CHRISTIAN ideology is shared within the public school setting.  Islam poses no threat to them.  There is a reason for that.  Liberals and Muslims serve the same god:  Lucifer.

Obama Tells Senior UN Official “The United States Will be a Muslim Country by 2016″ | vineoflife.net

There is little doubt that Barack Obama feels an allegiance to Islam.He has engaged in treasonous activity. Whether that activity propels the United States into the submissiveness to Shariah law remains to be seee. http://vineoflife.net/2013/06/08/obama-tells-senior-un-official-the-united-states-will-be-a-muslim-country-by-2016%e2%80%b3/

U.S Attorney To Supress 1st Amend in Tennessee

It is time to combat this Sharia Creep that is taking place all across the United States. Mr. Killian, Allah is Lucifer, and YOU are defending him.