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“Doonby”: Portrayed by “Bo Duke” Actor John Schneider To Be In Theaters This Fall

Movie to Movement is making an impact on American culture in a positive way.  With so much violence and immorality spewing from Satan’s haven known as Hollywood, companies such as Movie to Movement and Echolight are providing a righteous counterattack to Lucifer’s entertainment legion.

Bob Higley, president of the Trinity Broadcast Network said “Doonby” is this generation’s, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ but with a much more important message that could give life to millions. Everyone should see this thought provoking film.”

“Doonby is engrossing and a really good film. It’s technically well done and up to the highest standards of Hollywood. Anybody who’s looking to be entertained will come away thinking they got their money’s worth. You will leave the theater and think about it numerous times after you’ve seen it,” said Richard Land, President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of The Southern Baptist Convention.

(H/T:  Jason Jones/ Movie to Movement)