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‘What moral leadership looks like’: Benjamin Netanyahu lambastes UN ‘Terrorist Rights Council’

Shayn Roby’s Take: The United Nations continually supports the Hamas terrorists and tries to demonize Israel as it is in a never-ending struggle to defend itself from a barrage of rockets, often launched from territory that the Jewish state has previously ceded to the Palestinians. It is an impossible task for the Israelis to negotiate with a people, who want all Jews to be removed from the planet.

UNRWA Investigating Jordanian Official Who Quoted Hitler

UNRWA Investigating Jordanian Official Who Quoted HitlerIt is not a coincidence that former Palestine Liberization Organization leader Yasser Arafat was a nephew to the violent, fanatical zealot named Haj Amin al-Husseini. Husseini , also known as the Grand Mufti, who saw Hitler’s “final solution to the Jewish problem” as the answer to his own desire to eliminate the presence of Jews in Palestine. Husseini imported Nazi influence into Palestine and used Nazi funds to finance his terrorist activities.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that Dr. Fares Haider, reportedly the dean of education at the U.N.’s Relief Works Agency’s (UNRWA) educational facilities in Jordan, who primarily educates Palestinians with UN funds (translation: mostly American tax dollars) posted on his “official” Facebook page a picture of Hitler saluting, along with a quote from the Nazi leader.

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