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Christian Syrian Refugees Denied Visas to West

Shayn Roby’s Take: Why is it that Muslims receive Visas from Western countries almost without hesitation, but Christians are denied asylum? In the case of the United States, some of the blame can be placed clearly on the shoulder of a Commander-In-Chief who has repeatedly supported violent regimes that commit acts of Islamic terrorism against Christians and Jews.


Christian Syrian refugees have found temporary shelter in Jordan, but their immigration requests have been rejected by Western countries.

Some of them have spoken to the Associated Press, but want to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

One Syrian refugee said, “Everyone sold whatever they owned in Syria in order to get here, so that we could apply for visas at an embassy. We were all surprised to be rejected on the basis that there was no reason for us to go to Europe. Their reasons were all false – nothing correct in them.”

Another man said that western countries “were supposed to support us, and they were supposed to facilitate our immigration process as Christians, and I’m very sad that they haven’t.”

About 70 Syrian families, who fled the violence and civil war of their homeland, are staying in halls and extra rooms of an Assyrian church in the capital…

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Pastor Saeed Abedini Remains in Prison, and Iran Gets to Have a Nuclear Weapon

Javier Manjarrez summed up the frustration of most sensible Americans with the title of his article at Breitbart.com “Obama Just Flat Out Didn’t Want American Hostage Released” from Iran.

In a Twitter Tweet, Dr. Marty Fox suggested the reason that our Commander-in-Chief? did not want to ask for Pastor Abedini’s release rested in fear of angering Muslims around the world.  It seems that catering to the Islamic world is something that comes naturally to Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  Defending the religious freedom and human rights of Christians however, is an ideal that remains far from his heart.

Allen West “When black conservatives are attacked viciously by white liberals you don’t hear anything” #hypocrisy

Shayn Roby’s Take: Allen West speaks of the hypocrisy employed by Democrats, as they never speak up when white liberals attack black conservatives. Of course, Mr. West is overstating the obvious. In the minds of most sane Americans, the words “liberal” and “hypocrite” have been synonyms for a long time.

Allen West Republic

by Allen West Published on Nov 21, 2013

I guess I must be pretty anti-black as well. Of course, when white Democrat Senator Harry Reid describes Obama as “clean and articulate” and not speaking with a “Negro dialect,” no one on the Left bats an eye.

Read more at http://allenbwest.com/2013/11/based-oprahs-comments-im-racist/#MgKXmf0jFuxcdKSF.99


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NCAA Div-I Basketball Interconference Records (11/13/13)

Shayn Roby’s Take: College Basketball Season is underway. So far, the Big Ten and West Coast Conference teams have yet to lose a game.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Conference                     W          L            Winning Pct.

Big Ten                               21          0              1.000

West Coast                         17          0               1.000

American Athletic              15          2               0.882

Atlantic Ten                        19          3               0.864

Big East                               11         2               0.846

Big Twelve                         15          4                0.789

Pac-12                                 15         4               0.789

Missouri Valley                   13         5               0.722

Southeastern                      14         6                0.700

Atlantic Coast                    18          8                0.692

Horizon League                  10         5                0.667

Mountain West                  11          6               0.647

Conference USA                 16         10              0.615

Ivy League                            8          5               0.615

Mid-American                     12         9                0.571

Southland                           13        10              0.565

Big Sky                                 7           6                0.538

Southern                             12        11              0.522

Big South                            12        12               0.500

Northeast                            8           8               0.500

America East                       8          9               0.471

Big West                              8           9               0.471

Sun Belt                                7         9                0.438

Mid-Eastern                        11        15               0.423

Western Athletic                  8         11              0.421

Ohio Valley                           9         15              0.375

Colonial Athletic                 6          11               0.353

Metro Atlantic Athletic        6         11               0.353

Southwestern Athletic       …

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Reason 234879 why Michael Moore is the worst person ever | Rare.com

Shayn Roby’s Take: There is part of the psyching of the editor of ShaynRoby.com that wants to believe that Michael Moore at least is protesting the death of American soldiers. However, even if that were the case, his cynicism still gives indirect encouragement to America’s enemies. A good rule of thumb is to not even attempt to understand the rationale of someone whose elevator doesn’t reach all floors to begin with. The man is a RICH COMMUNIST, which means anything he says should be disregarded at the starting block.

A Liberal Victim Of Obamacare Shares Her Story….. Then The Attack Frenzy Of Her “Friends” Begins…

Shayn Roby’s Take: As this Democrat learned, liberals are vicious to their own when anyone who is a member of their party dares to tell the truth.

A message of hope to Obama cultists

Shayn Roby’s Take: Matt Walsh breaks down the lies and deception of the tyrant, Barack Hussein Obama accurately. Before Obama stepped into the White House, the name Bill Clinton was synonymous with the term “liar”. It’s possible that our current Commander-In-Chief may have have managed to even eclipse the less than truthful reputation of Slick Willie himself. That in itself is an amazing feat.

The Matt Walsh Blog

Free yourselves.

Obama cultists: free yourselves.

Shed those chains of compliance and apathy. Walk free.

I’m not here to attack you. I’m here to reach out with a joyful message of hope. I’m also not here to tell you to become a Republican. I’m not a Republican; I’m proudly and aggressively unaffiliated with any political party. And I know your immediate, visceral, instinctual reaction, when someone challenges you or your Leader, is to shout, “BUT YOU DIDN’T SAY THIS WHEN BUSH DID [xyz]!” Well, I was a kid when Bush came into office, but for what it’s worth, I did criticize many of his actions and policies. When he signed the No Child Left Behind Act, for instance, I was vociferously opposed. And I let everyone at the lunch table know about it.

So, I’ve disarmed your only defense mechanisms. You can’t bring Republicans into this one, because I’m not…

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