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Mystery: The Death of Journalist Michael Hastings

On the morning of June 18, 2013, journalist Michael Hastings died in a fiery car crash.  According to Wikipedia.com and James Corbett of The Corbett Report,  Hastings received the George Polk Award for “The Runaway General” (2010), a Rolling Stone profile of General Stanley McChrystal, commander of NATO‘s International Security Assistance Force in the Afghanistan war.  Part of the Rolling Stone article reported, “ Last fall, during the question-and-answer session following a speech he gave in London, McChrystal dismissed the counterterrorism strategy being advocated by Vice President Joe Biden as “shortsighted,” saying it would lead to a state of “Chaos-istan.” The remarks earned him a smackdown from the president himself, who summoned the general to a terse private meeting aboard Air Force One. The message to McChrystal seemed clear: Shut the f**k up, and keep a lower profile.  This article is believed by many to have ultimately led to General McChrystal submitting his resignation, because it revealed widespread contempt for civilian officials in the US government by the general and his staff.  President Obama publicly spoke in a press conference in which he relieved General McChrystal of his command, stating of the general, “The conduct represented in the latest article does not meet the standard that should be set by a commanding general.”

As the Chicago Political Machine rolls along, another political journalistic critic is dead.

Michael Hastings had started to get under the skin of the powers that be in Washington, D.C. crowd, and then his car mysteriously blew up.

Image Credit:  The Rolling Stone

As of late, Hastings had become a vocal critic of the surveillance state.   During the investigation of reporters by the US Department of Justice in 2013, he referred to the restrictions on the freedom of the press by the Obama administration as a “war” on journalism. His last story, “Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans”, was published by BuzzFeed on June 7.  According to James Corbett, at the young age of 33, Hastings” really was making some big-time enemies in Washington, DC.”    Details are emerging that he was on the verge of breaking an important and possibly related new story about the CIA.  This may explain why Hastings believed he was being investigated by the FBI. Hastings died in a fiery high-speed automobile crash on June 18, 2013 in Los Angeles, California, just 11 days after he had submitted the story “Why Democrats Spy on Americans”.

Video uploaded to You Tube by CorbettReport

Hastings is the second reporter to suddenly die when he was about to release a big story during the tenure of the Obama Administration.  Andrew Breitbart was on the verge of releasing a blockbuster story about Barack Obama when he mysteriously fell over dead while jaywalking across the street from outside a Brentwood, CA restaurant where  he had just had a glass of wine.  The previous night before Breitbart’s death, WND senior staff reporter Jerome Corsi arranged for Breitbart to interview Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who the very next day held a news conference to announce there was probable cause to believe President Obama’s birth certificate released on April 27, 2011, was a forgery, as well as Obama’s Selective Service Card.  Mysteriously enough, on the same day that Breitbart’s autopsy was released, Michael Cormier, a respected forensic attendant for the Los Angeles County Coroner, died under suspicious circumstances at his North Hollywood home.  Although Det. Rich Wheeler, a homicide supervisor with the Los Angeles Police Department, told WND that Cormier had no connection whatsoever  (take it for what it’s worth) to the investigation into Breitbart’s death, one has to at least question the coincidences that people consistently turn up dead when Obama’s political career appears to be in peril.

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