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Obama Supporters Slam Romney For Policies: Then Learn They Are Obama Policies

Obama Supporters Slam Romney For Policies: Then Learn They Are Obama Policies.  When presented with facts, some Obama Zombies refused to believe the facts, others stated there were many other reasons why they were voting for Obama.  A couple of Obama supporters actually said that they would consider changing their votes.

Obama Supporters Slam Romney For Policies: Then Learn They Are Obama Policies

Supporters of Barack Obama were presented with policies of the President by, but were told that these were policies of challenger Mitt Romney.

Some of the supporters refused to believe the truth, while others stated there were many other reasons why they supported Barack Obama, and would continue to support him.  A small portion of those Obamaa supporters who were presented with these facts did indeed say that they would consider changing their vote.

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Conservatives Gather to Protest HHS Mandate at Angels Stadium

Hundreds of conservative Christians, both Catholic and Protestant gathered under the halo of the “BIg A” in the Angels Stadium Parking lot in Anaheim, CA in order to protest against the violation of religious freedom that has occurred due to the HHS mandate portion of the Affordable Healthcare Act that has been implemented by the Obama Administration.  According to Aileen Blachowski at United for Religious Freedom, the HHS mandate forces all employers, including religious schools and hospitals, to provide free surgical sterilizations, contraceptives, and abortion-inducing drugs through their health plans, regardless of religious or moral convictions.  Among the many speakers present were Gil Mertz, Family Research Council Director of Regional Development for the Western region

Former Miss America 2001 Angela Baroquio Grey and “One Strong Family” founder Michael Manhardt                         Image by Shayn  Roby

of the United States, former Miss America 2001 and Elementary School Teacher Angela Barraquio Grey, popular Catholic radio evangelist Jesse Romero; Doug Sherman, Chairman of the Catholic Radio Association; Marian Jones (Daughter of Hating Breitbart Producer Jason Jones), Project Coordinator for the Glendale, CA based pro-life organization, I Am Whole Life, and Rabbi Isaac Jeret.

Mrs. Angela Baroquio Grey, indeed is doing something for children in the years after the wonderful gift of life has been allowed to spring out of the womb. She is a  former K-3 Physical Educator/Athletic Director now resides in Southern CA, and is continuing her career as a motivational speaker, TV Host, and Emcee. In 2001, she founded the Angela Perez Baraquio Education Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization in Hawaii, which celebrates and supports students and teachers who exemplify character in their communities. Angela has taught in Catholic school for five years and hopes to teach at the university level in the future. When asked about religious freedom within the classroom she said, “I’m very glad that I was able to teach in a Catholic school where expression of religious freedom was never that much of an issue.”  She also added though, “Any time I taught in the classroom, I just tried to imagine that the student’s parents were sitting in the back of the room.  If I would feel comfortable saying to them what I am saying to their children, then it would probably be OK for me to say. Doing what God tells us to do is important, but We should also use wisdom and discernment about discussing religious and moral issues within the classroom.”

One Nation Under God

Image by Shayn Roby

One of the highlights of the rally included musical poetry by Chantel Tabbada and Cristina Ballestero called the Victory is Won.

The powerful prose by Chentel coupled with the angelic notes of Cristina  sent a clear message that freedom does indeed reign in this place.  The first stanza of poetry begins

Check 1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a spiritual warfare

Don’t you dare think fast but think twice

Because this election just might be the last one

Some might even be called to martyrdom

And if so, then so be it

See it’s not about who wins

Because the victory is won

Don’t Tread on Religous Freedom
Shayn Roby

The Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally at Anaheim was broadcast live by The Wiley Drake Show on UStream Video.

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Houston Texans Top-Rated NFL Team

Top rated teams according to Shayn Roby using a sophisticated formula that has actually won him large sums of money in the past.

Team                              Record                           Rating

1. Houston Texans           6-1                                  31.8

2. San Francisco 49ers   5-2                                  25.5

3. Atlanta Falcons           6-0                                  24.8

4. Chicago Bears             5-1                                   24.4

5. New York Giants        5-2                                   21.8   (Giants beat SF 26-3 and might still be the NFL’s best)

When Eli Manning has the ball on the last drive with a chance to win, no opponent feels safe.

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Honorable Mention:  Green Bay Packers, (4-3)   who have defeated both the Houston Texans and the Chicago Bears, both of whom now only have one loss.

Two Obama Supporters Caught Saying Obama Won Debate #2 Before it Even Happened

Two supporters for Obama were caught saying that he won debate #2 before it even happened in a poll conducted by ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The video really captures the zombie like state that the average Obama voter lives in.  They didn’t know when the debate was, but somehow still were able to give details of an event that haven’t even happened yet.  These two individuals seriously need a visit to a medical specialist known as a proctometrist.

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Planned Parenthood: NOT a Provider of Mammograms, Obama Deep in Their Pockets

According to Carol Tobias president of the National Right to Life Committee Planned Parenthood has been found out through a lot of investigation that they do not do mammograms –and they have started admitting it,” she says. “But he (President Obama) continued to put forth that lie as a defense for why he wants to keep giving our tax dollars to the abortion providers.” she added. This evidence runs contrary to statements Barack Obama made about Planned Parenthood last night in the presidential debate against Mitt Romney. “Get your facts straight, Hollywood … Planned Parenthood does not provide women with mammograms. PP’s “women’s health” mantle is a sham,”

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wrote Michelle Malkin in a related article. In the article, she also wrote, “An undercover investigation of 30 Planned Parenthood clinics in 27 different states, conducted by pro-life group Live Action, confirmed that the abortion provider does not perform breast cancer screenings. “We don’t provide those services whatsoever,” a staffer at Planned Parenthood of Arizona admitted. Planned Parenthood’s Comprehensive Health Center clinic in Overland Park, Kan., acknowledged: “We actually don’t have a, um, mammogram machine, at our clinics.”

Mr. Obama and Planned Parenthood are devilish (pun intended) partners in a fundraising scheme for his election campaign according to Lucy LeFever at Planned Parenthood is trying out the following twisted scheme in the President’s honor. A recent Planned Parenthood Advocates of Indiana announcement reads:

“On August 4, President Barack Obama will celebrate his 51st birthday. President Obama has been a champion for women’s issues and has spent a lifetime supporting women and reproductive health. Why not honor his 51st birthday by making a donation to Planned Parenthood Advocates?”

How ironic and sickening that they celebrate someone’s birthday by denying a child BIRTH!!! Every donor can have the satisfaction of knowing that they are well on their way to getting a reserved seat located very near Barack Obama, his idol Saul Alinksky, and Alinsky’s role model Lucifer in the blazing climate of Hades.
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