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Thanks, Obama! Here’s what happened when Obamacare came up at Thanksgiving dinners

Shayn Roby’s Take: Perhaps some people defended the merits of the Affordable Care Act. About as many people as say……actually SIGNED UP FOR OBAMACARE!! Those numbers are minimal in every state in the union.

Delegates to Discuss Amending Constitution Dec. 6th at Mount Vernon,

Delegates to Discuss Amending Constitution Dec. 6th at Mount Vernon,.  Encourage your Conservative state legislators to attend.

Delegates to Discuss Amending Constitution Dec. 6th at Mount Vernon,

State legislators from across the country will soon be gathering at Mount Vernon in northern Virginia to discuss the possibility of amending the U.S. Constitution.  According to Austin Hill of about 90 state legislators from across the nation have committed to attending next month’s meeting at Mount Vernon, due to the organizing efforts of  Wisconsin state Rep. Chris Kapenga, R-Delafield, has who has undertaken the task of arranging a meeting of state legislators.  This is an historic moment in the history of our nation.  The birth of the United States of America began with a meeting of the First Continental Congress.  Dire circumstances require action.  This is the time to encourage your conservative legislators at the state level to attend the convention.  Talk show host and American patriot Mr. Mark Levin on November 13, and interviewed  Indiana Senate President David Long, and discussed David’s invitation to lawmakers for a State Convention that would propose amendments to change various provisions of

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the Constitution.  This marks a pushback by people at the state level to make their voices heard in Washington and to reclaim powers granted to the states that the federal government has increasingly eroded from its citizenry.

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NCAA Football FCS Interconference Winning Percentages

Shayn Roby’s Take: The FCS playoff bracket is out. The committee did #1 seed North Dakota St. no favor, as they staged a possible third round matchup with Southeastern Lousiana, champion of the Southland League, which has the highest interconference winning percentage in the FCS at 62.5%.

Shayn Roby's College Sports

Conference          Record       Winning Pct.   Vs. FBS    WP  Champ

1.Southland          25-15             0.625               1-9       0.100  SE LA.

2.Big South            25-17            0.595               0-6        0.000 Coast.Car

3.Colonial               24-17           0.585               2-8         0.200  Maine

4.Ohio Valley         20-16             0.556             2-8          0.200 East. Ill

5.Independents    31-26             0.544             1-4          0.200 ODU

6.Ivy League          13-11            0.542               0-0         0.000 Princeton

7.MO Valley          20-18              0.526             2-10      0.167   ND State

8.Patriot              24-26             0.480                0-1        0.000  Lafayette

9.Northeast          18-20              0.474             0-0         0.000  Scrd Hrt

10.Big Sky                23-27            0.460              2-11      0.154 E. Wash

11.Southern            12-22             0.353              3-10      0.231 Furman

12.Pioneer            14-26              0.350               0-0       0.000 SanDiego

13.Mid-Eastern Atl 14-28             0.333              1-9        0.100 Bt-Cook

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Week 14 Pro-Gridiron Results

Shayn Roby’s Take: The Detroit Lions are back in control in the NFC North with a half game lead over the Chicago Bears and the tie-breaker in hand as they have already beaten the Bears twice this season.

Shayn Roby's Pro Gridiron Report

Thursday, November 28, 2013

10 Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions 40

24 Oakland Raiders @ Dallas Cowboys 31

20 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens 22


Sunday, December 1, 2013

20 Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings 23

14 Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts 22

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Marine Corps Vet Saved Jumping Woman’s Life

When he saw a woman jumping from the upper deck at the Oakland Raiders’ stadium on Sunday, Donnie Navidad said his military instincts immediately kicked in as he lunged forward trying to catch her.

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