Does Your Life Make Sense in the Light of Eternity? | The Stream

Michael Brown examines what really matters in life:

This past week, I turned 63 years old, the same age at which my father died suddenly in 1977. And although my health is great and I hope to have many years ahead to serve God, I have asked myself this question for decades: Does my life make sense in the light of eternity?

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Life Is the First Civil Right

On Monday, the United States of America celebrated the civil rights advances that were made by Reverend Martin Luther King.  Today, President Donald Trump took a stand for what Dr. Alveda King, the niece of the celebrated leader of non-violent opposition to racial discrimination refers to as the FIRST civil right, which is life itself.

President Trump addressed the 45th annual March for Life today.  This comes two days after Dr. Alveda King stood firmly behind President Trump amid accusations from hard core leftists that the forty-fifth American leader in the Oval Office is a racist.

Dr. King has recently had her own troubles with the liberal establishment in America, as “progressive” leaning Facebook has pulled down the advertisements for her pro-life movie, “Roe vs. Wade”.

The battle for the lives of the unborn run much deeper than politics.  It’s a spiritual battle against the culture of death that is pervasive throughout the liberal mindset.


President Donald Trump  , Mindy Robinson, and ExDemLatina via Twitter

Michael W. Chapman/ CNS News

Climate Change?……or January?

Amazingly enough, (well, not really), Al Gore has recently been using the term “climate crisis” instead of  “global warming” as he has attempted to blame winter weather in January on greenhouse gas emissions, rather than (drum roll please):   JANUARY!


Photo Credit:  Heather Roby

Today, middle Tennessee and much of the eastern United States is being pummeled by winter storm Hunter.  Global warming cult leader Gore has yet to comment on this new climate crisis to my knowledge, but my guess is he would tell you that excess methane and carbon dioxide are more responsible for this “catastrophe” than say, a yearly occurrence for about three months where the northern hemisphere of our planet is farther away from the sun than in the summer months.

Daniel 2:21 (ASV) And he changeth the times and the seasons; he removeth kings, and setteth up kings; he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that have understanding;


Ed Feulner/ Daily Signal

Daniel 2: 21/  ASV-The Holy Bible via Bible Study Tools

250 Israeli Rabbis to Trump: ‘You are Fulfilling Biblical Prophecies’

“I will bless those who bless you (Israel), and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”Genesis 12: 3
Invoking Biblical blessings, leading Israeli rabbis thanked Trump for acting to fulfill prophecies about Israel’s redemption.

Source: 250 Israeli Rabbis to Trump: ‘You are Fulfilling Biblical Prophecies’

Tennessee businessman calls NFL protests ‘unpatriotic,’ pulls ads during games

The NFL is paying a financial price for its deplorable stance with regard to allowing disrespectful conduct during the playing of America’s national anthem. How much it will hurt ticket sales and television ratings remains to be seen. Perhaps as the financial pies of the league start to shrink, their wayward thinking will be adjusted. Time will tell as to how much damage the league’s ill advised support of the thuggish Black Lives Matter movement has damaged its image with the American public.

Exposing Modern Mugwumps

Tennessee businessman calls NFL protests ‘unpatriotic,’ pulls ads during games

For the 29 States we operate in, this isn’t much to them, but it’s a lot to us. The Tombras group is our ad agency in Knoxville and our national media buyer for both TV and Radio…… and don’t look for Hardwick on the NFL either. Our companies will not condone unpatriotic behavior! TAKING A STAND…NOT A KNEE!

In 2014, Cleveland business Hardwick Clothes was fighting bankruptcy and it seemed like its more than 130 years of experience might not make it another season.

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WTVC) – Check Into Cash founder and Cleveland, Tennessee native Allan Jones weighed in on the ongoing NFL national anthem protests Tuesday night. Jones posted to his Facebook page that he is pulling all commercials for Check Into Cash, Buy Here Pay Here…

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Investing in His Kingdom

Amid all the political strife and financial turmoil in this world that we live in, it’s often easy to be distracted and lose sight of what’s truly important:  The furthering of God’s Kingdom.

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Image may contain: one or more people, tree, sky, grass, outdoor and nature
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Above are pictures from the ministries that are taking place at Trail Missions in the nation of Zambia on the African continent. Trail Missions, according to their website is a Christian non-profit organization, “taking mission trips into the unreached African villages, reaching them with the love of Christ and helping the poor in whatever way possible”.


Scott Roby/ Facebook

Statement of Faith/ Trail Missions dot net

On the Vanguard Party

Just in case one were to buy into the left wing rhetoric that hate group American Vanguard is connected to Conservatives, the Red Phoenix and numerous other socialist publications would quickly lead one to conclude otherwise.

The Red Phoenix

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Vanguard?

Spend any significant amount of time reading leftist literature, and you’re bound to encounter the term “vanguardist” thrown about. It is usually wielded by anarchists, though they are certainly not alone when it comes to using this term in a loaded, pejorative manner aimed at Marxist-Leninists. When used in this fashion, the intended message is that “vanguard” equates with an elite, select group, to which the whole working class must defer. With this assumption the door is then opened to a whole procession of tired and dated anti-communist clichés.

There’s the idea that communist revolutionaries simply replace one ruling class with another, the claim that Marxist revolutionaries really just seek power and authority, and on occasion the idiotic idea that the presence of a vanguard as a component to the practical side of revolutionary theory somehow makes Marxism-Leninism “right-wing,” or at least excludes…

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