Roby Ratings for College Football: 12/27 Edition

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The Liberty Flames won their first ever game against a ranked FBS opponent, as they defeated the previously unbeaten Coastal Carolina Chanticleers by a score of 37-34 in overtime in the Cure Bowl and moved up to #35 in today’s Roby Ratings.

Roby Ratings Top 15

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. BYU
  4. Cincinnati
  5. Florida
  6. North Carolina
  7. Coastal Carolina
  8. Notre Dame
  9. Georgia
  10. Texas A&M
  11. Ohio St.
  12. Iowa
  13. Pittsburgh
  14. Oklahoma
  15. Miami

Roby Ratings for College Football: Teams 1-144


BYU Cougars retain top spot with roasting of Boise St, Cincinnati Bearcats remain unbeaten, Irish eyes are smiling as Notre Dame beat then #2 Clemson Tigers, Bama had the weekend off and the Crimson Tide still sit at #3, the Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina remained unbeaten and in the Top 5 as they beat the Jaguars of South Alabama 23-6.
  1. BYU Cougars
  2. Cincinnati Bearcats
  3. Alabama Crimson Tide
  4. Clemson Tigers
  5. Coastal Carolina Chanticleers
  6. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  7. North Carolina Tar Heels
  8. Georgia Bulldogs
  9. Florida Gators
  10. Miami Hurricanes

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Kamala Harris, Planned Parenthood, and Aborted Baby Parts

It’s a matter of public record. Then California Attorney General Kamala Harris had David Daleiden arrested for violation of California’s video taping law, rather than prosecuting one of her biggest campaign donors (Planned Parenthood) for reselling harvested aborted baby parts for medical research.

God and Genocide

J. Warner Wallace, the author of Cold Case Christianity gave a very interesting take on  as to whether God arbitrarily destroyed entire groups of people on his You Tube channel.

The well renowned Biblical apologist explained how God only exercised his wrath after giving repeated warnings and opportunities to repent from evil. This mercy was often extended over periods of even hundreds of years.

(H/T: The Stream)


Cold Case Christianity with J. Warner Wallace/ You Tube

Plagues, Pestilence and God’s Word

Presently, our world and nation are under plagues and pestilence that appear to be of apocalyptic proportions.   Indeed, it’s even accurate to say that much of what is happening is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.  The President of The United States of America has declared the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus to be a national emergency.   Several counties in the state of Tennessee are still in the recovery stages from a deadly tornado that struck last week, and then the rest of the state (along with virtually the rest of the nation) has been brought to a near standstill due to the spread of nCoVID-2019.

As these examples of plagues and pestilence are evident, Americans should be wary of embracing the culture of sin and death that much of the world’s population is attempting to make an accepted and mainstream part of everyday life.  Former President Joe Biden has the audacity to mention COVID-19 and the LGBTQ agenda on the very same campaign page.  One shouldn’t believe for a second that those who embrace Joe Biden’s platform of defiance against God’s Word won’t be invoking the wrath of The Great I Am into their lives.   Joe Biden is in full attack mode against those who would choose to take a stand for God’s Word with regard to His abhorrence of the harmful practice of engaging in same gender sexual activity and the genocide/ infanticide of His most precious gifts to our world.

Dr. Michael Brown exposed and addressed the former VPOTUS’s assault on Christianity in an article at The Stream.  Dr. Brown also spoke about the Bible, the coronavirus, and the end times recently on his Ask Dr. Brown segment on Patreon.

(H/T:  Dr. Michael L. Brown/ WND)


Westrick & Williams/ NPR Michigan Radio

Biden Plan to Combat Coronavirus and Advance LGBTQ+/ JoeBiden dot com slash lgbtq

Exodus 7/ Bible Study Tools dot com

Negative Consequence of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior/ CMDA

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Dr. Michael L. Brown via Twitter

Ask Dr. Brown via You Tube

Church of England Sides with “Modern Culture”

The recent announcement by the Church of England naming Stephen Cottrell as the Archbishop of York is very troubling from the perspective of most Christians who view the Holy Bible as God’s Word.   To many Christians, the use of the authoritarianism of Catholicism to promote the subjectivism of Liberalism by Cottrell signals a willingness to bow to the power of the Zeitgeist rather than the authority of The Word of God.



As the left attempts to hang labels such as “homophobe”, “transphobe”, or “hater” on anyone who dares to cite God’s Word with regard to same gender sexual relations and/ or gender identity confusion, it’s fair to point out that in fact, the progressives are engaging in the very intolerance that they denounce by demonizing those that choose to do what is deemed righteous to our Lord and Savior.

(H/T:  WND)


Cottrell: a Crisis of Confidence/ Christian Concern

Michael Brown/ Stream dot org and Twitter

Why I Do Not Celebrate Gay Pride | The Stream

In a recent article at The Stream, Dr. Michael L. Brown gives a candid reason for why the celebration of “alternate” lifestyles outside God’s design is just not something in which he participates


If you ask my detractors, they would tell you that the reason I do not celebrate gay pride is that I’m a bigot. A hater. A homophobe. A transphobe.


Dr. Michael L. Brown via Twitter

Why I Do Not Celebrate Gay Pride | The Stream

Pastor David Platt Prays for President Trump

Recently, President Trump attended McLean Bible Church in Virginia Beach, VA.
Pastor David Platt prayed for our Commander-in-Chief.  He asked the Lord to grant wisdom to our nation’s executive.

(H/T:  The Stream)


TicToc by Bloomberg via Twitter and You Tube

God’s Sense of Humor

Sometimes God answers prayer when we need it most, and even uses His sense of humor to let us know it was indeed Him who took care of our needs.

Two teens swimming in the ocean found themselves drifting and in trouble recently. They prayed for help and were rescued by a boat named “Amen”.

(H/T: Nancy Flory/ The Stream)


McKinley Corbley/ Good News Network

CBS News via You Tube

Rainbow of Covenant: Not of Sodomy

There is a battle among God’s people within the Methodist Church. Some have neglected His Word and have chosen to ignore what it says about same gender sexual relations.

Read more at One News Now


Steve Jordahl/ One News Now

One News Now via Twitter

Romans 1: 24-32/ NIV Bible/ Bible Gateway