Vitriolic Left Must Bear Some Blame for Alexandria, VA Shooting

In the days preceding the mass assassination attempt on Republican legislators that has left Representative Stephen Scalise fighting for his life, much left wing vitriol and rhetoric toward conservatives could be observed throughout left wing media outlets and within “entertainment venues”.  As John Zmirak at The Stream pointed out, “the attack happened scant days after New York City’s elite Shakespeare in the Park mounted a production of Julius Caesar that lip-smackingly dramatized the murder of President Trump”.   It comes with very little surprise to the casual observer that even in the aftermath of the Alexandria, VA shooting, that liberal media giant Time Warner continues to back the production that CNN’s staunch liberal media hack Fareed Zakaria refers to as “a masterpiece”.

Not to be outdone by the leftist exploits of the Communist News Network, Jesse Benn at the Huffington Post has been defending the actions of gunman via Twitter. He has remained unrepentant throughout criticism of his rhetoric.

For the record, the writer of this article, who also happens to be the editor at Roby’s Right Corner, just contacted Mr. Benn via Twitter.  He has yet to respond.  This article will be updated if he does.

It’s truly sad and alarming that many members of the left wing media refuse to back off from their rhetoric after it’s apparent that it has resulted in violence.  In the case of Jesse Benn, it appears that he actually wanted that result, which means that if people like him remain unchecked, violence on a much larger scale is sure to come.

Update:  Response from Jesse Benn


Editor’s Note:  This article was also published at

(H/T: John Zmirak and Al Perrotta/ The Stream)


John Nolte/ The Daily Wire

Ronna Romney McDaniel , Jesse Benn, and Fareed Zakaria/ Twitter

Scum Defends Scalise Shooter/ Roby’s Right Corner

3 thoughts on “Vitriolic Left Must Bear Some Blame for Alexandria, VA Shooting

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  2. james devine

    You casually ignore the fact that my remarks followed decades of such violent rhetoric coming from the right… Republican cowards dish it out and cannot take it.


    1. Shayn Roby Post author

      James Devine, it matters not to me what you deem as “violent rhetoric” coming from the right. The fact remains that the leftists commit violence almost tenfold of what people who consider themselves to be conservatives do. For the record, I can take anything you dish out. I deal in truth. You’re a leftist, which means by nature you’re fighting an uphill battle. It’s impossible to defend yourself adequately when you’re allied with a group of people who deal in lies and deception on a regular basis. And BTW, as far as violence is concerned, I only dish that out when someone like yourself is stupid enough to try to confront me physically. That’s when you find out that your mouth has written a check that your body just can’t cash. Got it COWARD?



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