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‘It’s time to get out’ of public schools, says college professor

For parents who have children ‘It’s time to get out’ of public schools, says college professor Anthony Esolen, who teaches at Providence College, a private Roman Catholic school.  Mr. Esolen wrote at his blog, regarding the case of Dr. Steve Tourlokis of Hamilton,Ontario, Canada, who has filed a suit against the Hamilton-Wentworth school board because he wants to be told when the school plans to introduce to his children sexual material that he finds objectionable. The school board does not want to yield. They are standing on principles, such as:

They believe they are “co-parents,” and that “children have a right to an inclusive education,” which means, simply, they have a “right” to be educated into complete sexual indifference and chaos. For the inclusivity is notably rigid and uniform.

Parents in the United States beware, because incidents like this have occurred in our own nation as well.  Dave Parker of Massachusetts was actually arrested because an elementary principal called the police regarding Mr. Parker, who in his estimation was ‘not cooperating with the sex education indoctrination program.’ It all began when Dave and Tonia Parker became outraged when their five-year-old son came home from school in 2005 with a school-issued book bag filled with materials to get him on board with the homosexual agenda.

“I’m realizing that this material had somehow been deemed appropriate to even be placed in my five-year-old’s hands,” Tonia Parker said after discovering the book “My Two Dads” in her son’s school bag. “It was a book meant to introduce and normalize homosexuality.”

Yes, the spiritual battle has reached the point where homosexuals think that they have the right to indoctrinate all children to accept their immoral and deviant lifestyle as ‘right and normal’.  Perhaps it is wise for parents to take the advice of Professor Esolen, who provided the following scenario in his ‘It’s time to get out’ article:

Suppose your child returns from visiting his friend next door, and tells you that the father has been showing the boys some interesting films involving, well, boys and girls doing things. What do you do? You call the police. If Mr. Pornogogue the neighbor says, “I believe that we are all co-parents of one another’s children,” and “Every child has a right to a full view of human sexuality,” I doubt that his sententiousness would hold up in court. You might express your rebuttal against his teeth, in the form of a firm fist and knuckles. But here is what you would not do. You would not say, “Mr. Pornogogue, whenever you are going to show those films again, I want you to give me a call beforehand, so that I can make sure that Timmy stays home.”

Do not believe that you’ll save your children by talking to them occasionally at home. A few gulps of good air will not undo the harm of a whole day of poisonous fog.

Professor Esolen makes a compelling case that perhaps in some cases, public school will scar your children for life, and perhaps a private Christian education will help direct their paths in so much more of a fruitful way that the tuition cost really should be an afterthought.

(H/T:  Bob Kellogg/ One News Now, Anthony Esolen/ Abundant Hope and Michael F. Haverluck/ WND)


Pro-life teachers protest pro-abortion leaders at NEA convention

Pro-life teachers protest pro-abortion leaders at NEA convention.  After the pulpit, the next best place to take America back is in the classroom.  By the way, the fact that some of the pro-murder teachers flipped the bird shouldn’t be a surprise.  If you will kill a child, it’s a given that you are one of the most vile creatures alive.

BEST 2-Minute Defense of God’s Marriage by Skateboarder

This skater shared his thoughts on homosexuality with volunteers at a TFP Student Action  ( The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property)   campaign in White Plains, New York.  He said

God said, “Be fruitful and multiply.”  How are you multiplying if you’re — I’m not saying a bad word — but it says homosexual.  If you’re a homosexual, it’s wrong.  Seek help.  It’s like a drug condition. It’s just wrong.  There’s help to be got. People, there really is!

It’s about Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

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