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Kentucky Kickback: Senate Budget Deal Includes Billion For Dam Project In McConnell’s Home State

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell has sold out the Republican party for a dam in the deal between Democrats and Republicans in the United States senate that is now being called the Kentucky Kickback. The senate budget deal includes three billion dollars for a dam project In Kentucky.  It is time that McConnell is held accountable for his betrayal of conservatives.  President of FreedomWorks Matt Kibbe issued a statement regarding the deal between the senate minority leader and senate majority leader Harry Reid:  “Republican leadership has completely lost its way. Not only is this proposal a full surrender- it’s a complete surrender with presents for the Democrats. Apparently Mitch McConnell’s idea of a ‘compromise’ is to increase the debt limit, fully fund a broken health care law, and promise talks of increasing spending down the road.”

(H/T:  Weasel Zippers, and Jackie Bodnar/ FreedomWorks)

Congressman Gowdy Exposes National Park Service Director for Liberal Bias

Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina (R) pointed out to National Park Service Director Johnathan Jarvis that the Park Service failed to issue a single citation when Occupiers camped out at D.C.’s McPherson Square for 100 days — 100 days in “non-compliance” with federal regulations, yet erected barricades to keep veterans from visiting war memorials on the first day of the partial shutdown of the activities of the federal government.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Tgowdysc

Mediaite reported that Gowdy contrasted the parks service’s decision to allow in 2011 the Occupy Wall Street movement a one-hundred-day-long encampment in D.C.’s McPherson Square with the turning away of visitors to the National Mall this October, Gowdy scolded Jarvis for favoring the “pot-smoking” Occupiers over the “war veterans” who “helped build” the monuments.

(H/T: Jason Howerton/ The Blaze and Mediaite)

“Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Wall”

Tweet Of The Day.  One of our greatest American Presidents, Ronald Wilson Reagan said to Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”  Our veterans of foreign wars have a message for another tyrannical Communist by the name of Barack Hussein Obama:    “MR OBAMA, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL, remove your Barry-cades!!”

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Image credit:   @mmmoonie/ Twitter

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)

SEIU Up to Old Liberal Tricks: Paying People to Protest

Pamela Geller at AtlasShrugs blog posted a You Tube video by Patrick S. Poole in which a McDonald’s employee admits to being paid fifteen dollars to protest against World War II veterans.

Patriot member of the House Michelle Bachmann helped make sure that these honorable servants of our nation received the opportunity to view the World War II Memorial.

Video uploaded to YOu Tube by Patrick S. Poole

Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas appropriately pointed out those who tried to prevent the World War II veterans from rolling inside the memorial in their wheelchairs as ‘mean-spirited’.  Although using a few other choice adjectives to more accurately describe the anti-American trash that would prevent the veterans’ access, in gentlemanly fashion, Congressman Gohmert refrained from doing so.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Patrick S. Poole

(H/T:  Pamela Geller via Twitter and AtlasShrugs Blog)

Reid on Saving One Child Through Funding Compromise: ‘Why Would We Want to Do That?’

Senator Harry Reid, when asked by CNN’s Dana Bash about why he would not favor ‘saving one child through funding compromise replied, ‘Why Would We Want to Do That?’.  Reid then rudely added, “For someone of your intelligence to suggest such a thing is irresponsible.”  Of course, Senator Reid’s characterization of Tea Party Patriots as ‘anarchists’ might be language that he considers responsible and reflective of his rather superior intellect (sarcasm intended).

(H/T: John Nolte/