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Duck Commander at Saddleback Church/ Video: “Black & White, We all came from ONE MAN.”

Shayn Roby’s Take: Phil Robertson said that WE ALL came from ONE MAN at Saddleback Church in Mission Viejo, CA in July. Perhaps this video will be disappointing to Jesse Jackson, as the evidence of where the heart of Phil Robertson lies renders the serial race-baiter to be a habitual troublemaker.

The Great I AM: The Original Light

Recent verbal attacks on Phil Robertson have taken place from GLAAD, Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition, and other groups bent on causing civil unrest, unpalatable discourse, and general chaos.  Anyone who takes the time to listen to the Duck Commander’s message given at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church in Southern California this last July would realize that Jesse Jackson’s complaint is invalid and baseless.  Mr. Robertson is the farthest thing from a racist.  As usual, Jesse, like his counterpart Al Sharpton, is searching for something incendiary so that he can remain in the public eye.  It’s not that Phil Robertson is racially insensitive, it’s that Jesse Jackson needs turmoil so that he feels relevant in his own mind.

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Anti-Zimmerman Protests Across The Nation, Where Are the anti-Shawn Custis Protests?

Anti-Zimmerman Protests Across The Nation, Where Are the anti-Shawn Custis Protests?.  The fact that the liberal mainstream media has said almost nothing throughout the life of this incident occurring underscores the fact that they (MSM) are only concerned with one narrative when it comes to alleged racially motivated crime:  White on black.  If it’s black on black, white on white, or black on white, or black on other, the mainstream media is uninterested because it fails to meet the “plight of the oppressed” that is perpetrated by leftist/Progressive/Communist philosophy.

Jesse Jackson: ‘Inclination’ To Treat Florida As ‘Apartheid State’

Jesse Jackson: ‘Inclination’ To Treat Florida As ‘Apartheid State’.  The first response to Jesse Jackson’s call for those that think that justice was not done in the George Zimmerman case to boycott Florida because it is an ‘apartheid state’ is that it would be a positive for the state to do as the Reverend Jackson asks.  Odds are, the crime rate would drop by about 85 percent.  The police would have almost nothing to do.  Florida  would almost be the Utopia that Democrats dream of (but only because the state would suddenly be mostly without liberals).  All of a sudden, the majority of the Floridian population would be composed of hardworking, productive people.  It would prosper.