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Obama’s Presidency “Marred by Racist Backlash”; Distressed by the Whiteness of Obama’s Opponents | Media Research Center

It’s apparent that Barack Obama’s Presidency has been “Marred by Racist Backlash”; Distressed by the Whiteness of Obama’s Opponents writes the Media Research Center.  Silence by Barack Obama as multiple incidents of black on white crime have taken place underscore the fact that the majority of racial hatred in the United States is coming from the political left.  Barack Obama is the top political figure in the nation, and couldn’t refrain from commenting on the George Zimmerman trial when it was quite obvious that he didn’t know (or didn’t care about) the facts of the case.  When the verdict did not turn out the way that he thought it should, he felt a need to ‘address the nation’.  Meanwhile, dozens of incidents of black on white crime have occurred since Obama’s inappropriate and inaccurate commentary on the justified shooting of Trayvon Martin in self-defense, yet the Race-Baiter-in-Chief could not bring himself to even comment on the case of De’Marquise Elkins, who was convicted of shooting and killing toddler Antonio Santiago in the face, (Santiago just happened to be a “white Hispanic”).


Three Brothers Charged in December Kidnapping, Rape of 15-year-old Girl – Chatham – Chicago

Three Brothers Charged in December Kidnapping, Rape of 15-year-old Girl – Chatham – Chicago.  This crime occurred in February and has received almost no national media coverage.  Perhaps, because it did not fit the category of “white on black crime” in which the mainstream media already has so clumsily tried to frame the George Zimmerman case into (even though the facts of the case pointed to TRAYVON MARTIN STALKING GEORGE ZIMMERMAN), the members of the press didn’t feel that this story was “relevant” enough to share with the general public.


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‘Shame on you’: Stacey Dash calls out Oprah on Fox News diss, Emmett Till comparison

‘Shame on you’: Stacey Dash calls out Oprah on Fox News diss, Emmett Till comparison.  If one really wants to see racists in action, just stand back and watch how the political left will try to belittle Stacey Dash for stepping up and telling the truth about Trayvon Martin and Emmitt Till.  That’s right Oprah, people with brains understand that there is no comparison between a teenage thug who jumped out of the bushes and tackled a potential ‘gay rapist’ and a young black boy who was murdered for being in love with a white girl.  One is self defense, the other is murder and a vicious hate crime.

Ms. Winfrey is fast becoming a female version of Al Sharpton.  Perhaps she should stick to telling false stories about expensive handbags.  It’s apparent why she supports Barack Obama;  They both seem to share the same set of scruples when it comes to speaking the truth and spreading divisive race-baiting falsehoods.


Oprah: Just Because You’re Not Using N-Word, Harboring Ill Will Towards Black Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Racist

Oprah: Just Because You’re Not Using N-Word, Harboring Ill Will Towards Black Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Racist.  Oprah said, “….to me it’s ridiculous to look at that case (Trayvon Martin) and not to think that race was involved.”  The editor of agrees completely.  If Trayvon Martin had been judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin, he would have been tried and convicted of burglary in Miami.  He was caught with twelve pieces of jewelry that did not belong to him, a large screwdriver, and a baggie with marijuana residue in it, all inside of his book bag.  If Miami Dade Public School Police had actually done their job (they were under instruction to reduce crime statistics among black teenage males) , Trayvon should have been a part of the juvenile justice system in Miami.  He never would have been in Sanford, Florida to be involved in a deadly confrontation (caused by his tackling of Zimmerman after stalking ‘the gay rapist’) with George Zimmerman.  The reluctance of the criminal justice system in Miami to prosecute an obvious crime allowed Trayvon to be roaming the streets in Sanford with THC in his system.

(H/T:  Ben Shapiro/ Breitbart)

I am not Trayvon. But I AM the woman in the elevator.

Shayn Roby’s Take: Sarah makes the point that neither she as a rape victim, nor a black male in America feel safe. The point is well taken in her case, and perhaps black males feel alienated from society. As a white male, the editor of is not going to pretend to know how a black male feels, nor how it feels to be a woman who has been brutalized by a subhuman coward. However, it is apparent from the facts of the Trayvon Martin shooting that the incident had nothing to do with how a safe a black male is.   It has more to do with the safety of someone under the influence of illicit substances being stupid enough to stalk and tackle someone who they perceive to be a ‘gay rapist’. This was revealed by Rachel Jeantel on the Piers Morgan show a couple of days after the trial. She unwittingly made it crystal clear that not only did the jury get it right about self defense, but that Trayvon should have been charged with stalking, assault and battery, and more than likely, impairment in public from marijuana use. Robitussin would have been mentioned, but it’s apparent that Trayvon hadn’t made it home yet, so that he could mix his watermelon Arizona and his Skittles with Robitussin to make a concoction of ‘Lean’. The autopsy report revealed that Martin had significant liver damage that is consistent with someone who has been abusing Robitussin. Generally, someone under the influence of this concoction tends to be violent and incoherent. The editor of will not specualte as to whether Martin was under the influence of ‘Lean’ the night he was killed, but can reasonably assume that he used marijuana regularly. Ms. Jeantel said he smoke a ‘couple of times a week’, Trayvon was found with a baggie with residue in it by Miami Dade Public School Police, and the autopsy revealed the presence of THC in his system. Trayvon was unsafe because he participated in activities and behaviors that put him at risk, NOT because he was black.


Republican calls Obamacare tax on tanning salons ‘racist’

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Republican calls Obamacare tax on tanning salons ‘racist’  Liberals are railing at Republican Fred Yoho for his saying that a tanning bed tax is racist.  (It is true that mostly Caucasians go to tanning beds.)  He was actually being facetious, but he makes a very good point that liberals intentionally are refusing to connect the dots on.  The comment was making fun of how quick libs are to play the race card.  It’s particularly ironic that liberals love to do this.  Perhaps it’s because they don’t know history when they open their mouths when it’s close to an election cycle and start blabbing about civil rights and those ‘racist Republicans’.  The historical fact is that the Ku Klux Klan was composed of Southern DEMOCRATS.  To quote half-wit fake global warming alarmist Al ‘Jazeera’ Gore, for libs that’s AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH.


 Shayn Roby’s Take: It’s no more of a stretch to say that taxing tanning beds is racist towards white people than it is to say that the incident between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin was racially motivated. Liberals will have a fit over this statement, but that’s because they can’t stand to be forced to use logic. That’s when they resort to their ludicrous ‘hate speech’ mode and start using offensive terms like ‘Tea Bagger Racist’.

Oprah Compares Young President Obama (aka Trayvon Martin) To Emmett Till Lynching…

Shayn Roby’s Take: Comparing Trayvon Martin to Emmett Till is ignorant and insulting to African Americans who have endured true racism. Trayvon Martin profiled George Zimmerman as a potential ‘gay rapist’. Rachel Jeantel unwittingly revealed this on the Piers Morgan show. Oprah, like most liberals, is insisting on ignoring the facts of this case and is intent on pretending that this was a murder, and that it was racially motivated. It was self defense, and pot smoking, Robitussin chugging Trayvon Martin was the aggressor. Oprah has knack for really “tellin’ it like it ain’t”.

The Obama/Trayvon Defense, or Lack Of.

Shayn Roby’s Take: If Barack Obama really cared about the death of young black children, he would have kept his mouth shut about Trayvon Martin, and switched his position from pro-genocide, pro-infanticide, pro-murder, to being an advocate for protecting against the slaughter of innocent babies in America’s very own Holocaust.


The ‘thoughts’ Obama has over the Zimmerman/Martin verdict is complete hypocrisy…or I would have seen the Obamas, the Sharptons, and the Jacksons and other Liberal Blacks Americans at abortion facilities all over the country. They don’t beg women of color to not kill their babies, instead they strengthen abortion law and entitlements.

graphiccarabortionIf the overall population of Black Americans is 13.6%, and abortions of Black Americans is 36-40% of all abortions, AND over 75% of all abortion facilities are in urban minority communities, then statistically Black Americans are literally making themselves extinct through genocide. The math doesn’t lie, Black Americans are now below the ‘replacement rate‘.

The vision Margaret Sanger [founder of Planned Parenthood] had for the Black Americans is coming true. See that hereand here.

The sidewalk is the place when it gets real, the facts don’t lie. We see Blacks, Caucasians, Hispanics…

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Apparently White People Should Not Be Allowed to Decide What’s Racist – The Brenner Brief | The Brenner Brief

Apparently White People Should Not Be Allowed to Decide What’s Racist – The Brenner Brief | The Brenner Brief.  Sara Mara Brenner expounds on Critical Race Theory, which basically presumes that all whites are racist.  Mental midgets who ascribe to this theory of course, fail to realize that they are in fact, engaging in the enabling of racism.

NAACP Launches ‘Trayvon’s Law’ Campaign

NAACP Launches ‘Trayvon’s Law’ Campaign.  CEO Ben Jealous said, “What happened to Trayvon Martin must never happen again.  Trayvon’s Law will serve as the foundation for community advocates as they work to end laws and practices that contributed to his death and to create new policies that will prevent further tragedies.  Given Jealous’s rhetoric, one would think that the National Association Against Calm and Peace was pursuing legislation to combat the profiling of ‘gay rapists’.  The NAACP is choosing to totally ignore the facts of the George Zimmerman/ Trayvon Martin confrontation.  Rachel Jeantel’s testimony on the Piers Morgan show makes it clear that Trayvon stalked George because Rachel had told him that Zimmerman might be a ‘gay rapist’.  The genie can’t be put back in the bottle.  Jealous and his race baiting organization that has its roots in Communism (yes founder W.E.B. DuBois was an admitted and unrepentant Communist until the day he died.) can either close their mouths and be thought foolish, or they can continue to spew their venom and remove all doubt that their cumulative intelligence quotients approach that of  a rotten eggplant.  Perhaps the editor of shouldn’t go here, but isn’t it ironic that the CEO of the NAACP has the name of Ben (or is it Been) Jealous?  Just out of curiosity, it almost seems appropriate to ask if Green With Envy is perhaps his trusted secretary??   Perhaps, Ben in Prison is the body guard??  Which in itself reminds the editor, if Trayvon Martin had been arrested for those twelve pieces of jewelry and that huge screwdriver found in his bookbag by Miami Dade Public School Police, perhaps he would have been in reform school, and would not have been out on the street buying his Skittles and Watermelon Arizona drink to mix with his Robitussin so that he could get a ‘Lean’ buzz to go with the weed he smoked that night.  Facts are like that for the clueless Victicrat liberals within the NAACP:  an INCONVENIENT TRUTH, with all due respect to Al ‘Jazeera’ Gore.

(H/T: Breitbart)