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When It Comes to Gun Control: Obama Regime Deems Right to Privacy Unimportant

It is amazing that liberals, who claim to be concerned about “rights to privacy” when it comes to the right to chop unborn babies to bits, don’t make a sound as the government slowly erodes their right to medical privacy and their right to bear arms away from them.  According to Weasel Zippers, the Obama Administration has proposed new executive actions on gun background checks. One proposal from Vice President Biden’s office, according to Fox News  would formally give permission to states to submit “the limited information necessary to help keep guns out of potentially dangerous hands,” without having to worry about the privacy provisions in a law known as HIPAA.  This is indeed a slippery slope that America is traveling down.  HIPAA is being disregarded.   According to the Associated Press via The Grio, the  proposed rule change would give hospitals and other entities covered by patient privacy provisions more flexibility in the information they provide to the background check system.   This is indeed a slippery slope that America is traveling down.  HIPAA is being disregarded.  Furthermore, now the IRS has access to the healthcare insurance and medical data of millions of Americans. (Granted, it is unclear how much information the IRS will have in regard to one’s medical records, but given the recent actions of targeting of conservatives by the IRS, ANY INFORMATION in their hands is cause for concern.)

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Shayn Roby’s Take:
The two state senators who were recalled were anti-Second Amendment. Most slaughters happen in ‘gun-free’ zones. So, in effect, the author is trying to say that because two state senators that favored making law abiding citizens helpless, sitting ducks were recalled, that a human engineered storm was unleashed?  That’s highly unlikely.  However, the editor of has read “The Harbinger”.  It is a profound book.  God’s wrath may have indeed been unleashed on Colorado, but it is highly more likely that the real culprits that may have brought this storm on are the FIFTY ONE PERCENT of COLORADANS WHO SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE that have drawn our Lord’s disdain.

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8 yr old Beats Murder Rap. Grand Theft Auto to Blame? | RaisinEmReal

Once again, our self appointed “taking care of the children” advocate gives her “expert” opinion on raising kids while advocating such wholesome activities as playing games (Grand Theft Auto) that have the noble goal of robbing people of their property and then running from the police and shooting as many of them as possible. It is amazing that a parent would fail to make the mental connection between playing a game that glorifies criminal activity, and the potential for future criminal behavior. With parenting skills like this being employed, it should hardly be surprising that there are so many discipline problems in our public schools and so much criminal activity on our streets.

#ViralVideo Watch this NOW | Stacy on the Right

Raymmar Tirado is on fire!! He fires verbal haymakers at the ignorant racebaiting, tyrannical gun control advocating political left that are right on the money.

Piers Morgan: How Can We Trust Zimmerman With Another Gun?

On his July 30, 2013 show, Piers Morgan asked Ken Hanson, “How can we trust George Zimmerman with another gun?”  Another appropriate question might be.  “With one preposterous statement after the other, how can we justify allowing Piers Morgan to hold a microphone and continue to have a television show?”

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Awesome: Magpul Industries Floods Colorado With 30-Round Magazines |Katie Pavlich/Townhall

Today new gun control laws limiting ammunition magazine capacity to 15 rounds go into effect in Colorado. Magpul industries, a company based in Colorado that manufactures standard capacity 30-round magazines and firearms accessories, held an event over the weekend to give away thousands of magazines, flooding the state before the ban goes into effect. Read the entire story at

Dana Loesch Defending the 2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment defender Dana Loesch stands with the Magpul company logo after they donated 30 shot magazines for the “Farewell to Arms Freedom” event at Infinity Park in Glendale, Colorado.  Image/

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Ted Nugent: Stop Gun Trafficking by Arresting Eric Holder

On a CNN broadcast segment with Erin Burnett, Ted Nugent gets Ms. Burnett to say that she agrees that we should prevent gun trafficking, but then says she does not support arresting Attorney General Eric Holder, even though he illegally trafficked guns during Operation Fast and Furious.

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