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The Paedophile’s Diary By Mohammed Dahiru Aminu.

Shayn Roby’s Take:  The dirty little secret of Islam is that a great number of Islamic men are pedophiles.  Of course why wouldn’t they be?  Mohammed married Aisha when she was six-years old and had sexual relations with her when she was nine years old.  People in Muslim countries will kill you for ‘blaspheming’ the ‘prophet’ to Allah (Lucifer).  It’s really no surprise that why pedophilia is commonplace in Islamic society.  They worship Lucifer.  Many of Lucifer’s fallen angels, better known as demons, enjoy sexual perversion.  Make no mistake about it.  Allah, Lucifer, and Satan are all different names for the same evil spiritual being.

Rivers of Hope

By Mohammed Dahiru Aminu

This is my diary. I am a paedophile, and I won’t deny it. I won’t introduce myself to you as you probably know my name, and might be familiar with my origins. I promise to be as simple as I can in explaining my actions and inactions. But before we go any further, you may however wish to forgive my vulgarity, if you come across it. If you take a stroll into my history you will see that I have always enjoyed the glamour of demonizing the faith that I proclaim to practice; Islam. Some years back when I was in charge of the affairs of my home state in northern Nigeria, I declared the Islamic Sharia law. At the time I did so, I was aware that my declaration of the law was highly problematic.


I knew that I couldn’t declare the Sharia…

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