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Everybody Should Have Said ‘Cheese’ for Picture of Earth from Saturn

NBC’s Brian Williams reported that a picture of Earth was taken from Saturn.  NASA encouraged people to wave for the camera.  NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, supposedly took a historic photo of Earth from deep space at 5:27 p.m. EDT Friday evening.  According to NBC’s  Alan Boyle, NASA set up a Twitter hashtag, #DayEarthSmiled, to view photos and comments about the snapshot of Earth. reported, “Like several thousand people, the SETI Institute waved at Saturn on Friday July 19 at 2:27pm for ~15 min. In full day light, it was impossible to see Saturn on the east close to the horizon but we trusted our local astronomers (and several App on iPhone) to wave and smile in the right direction toward the gaseous planet. It is likely that the Cassini spacecraft had recorded  80 min later a glimpse of photons coming from us.”

SETI Institute employees waving at Saturn - picture 2

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(H/T: NBC Nightly News, PBS Newshour)